Elegant dresses for girls: Master Class (photo paper pattern)

To facilitate cutting dresses for the girls with their hands, must be found, for example, a T-shirt that fits the size of your child.This removes the need to constantly take measurements.

You will also need:

  • Tracing paper, or any other pattern paper (paper can);
  • satin fabric (white for the dress, scarlet ribbons and flowers for);
  • Cotton fabric for padding;
  • mesh or tulle;
  • Threads.

Dress for girls: a master class with photos

1. Fold the shirt in half, to outline the detail of chalk, excluding the region of the sleeves.This is part of the back of the dress.Cut need two parts such as the center will be lightning.

length bodice should be relatively short - just above the waist.This visually enlarge the growth of girls and will add festive dresses.

Add all sides in the allowances of 2 cm and cut.

2. Then take a cut pattern again move it to another sheet of paper and increase the armhole cut (about 3-4 cm at the lowest point).Fold the paper in half and cut a single piece.This

will be the future of the bodice dress, that is, its front side.

Elegant dresses for girls: Pattern 2

Do not forget the seam allowances.

3. Take a cotton cloth and cut exactly the same two parts of the back and the front of the bodice dress for padding.

4. Now go to the pattern sleeveless dresses for girls.Better again, copy the hose with T-shirts.Do not make the sleeves are too long, the child will be uncomfortable to raise your hands up.By and large, this model dresses for graduation in kindergarten will look good and without sleeves.

Once you have drawn the pattern sleeves, add seam allowances and cut.

5. Sew on the back of all of the dress, cut from the fabric: Fold back to the front of the bodice and Stitch, and then sew the sleeves.Otgladte all seams and turn the product.

6. Sew all the details and padding.Insert the lining into the top of the dress, tuck the edges of the neck and sleeves and sew.

7. next step sewing elegant dresses for girls - dressmaking dress skirt .This dress used skirt the sun, for it you need a lot of tissues.

To do this, cut out a large circle of fabric following the pattern in which the circumference of the inner circle should be the same with the circle bottom of the bodice so that they could dock without folds.

Elegant dresses for girls: Pattern 4

skirt make a small incision, there will be an end to the secret sewn zipper.

8. Fold the top of the dress and skirt front side and Stitch.

Tuck the hem of her dress and sew too.

9. Then cut from cotton skirt for padding.It will be a normal skirt rectangle, not the sun.The width of the skirt should be adjusted step child, it was convenient to walk.

Sew the inner skirt prisborennoe strip grid or starched tulle.This is to ensure that your party dress had a volume.

Then connect the inner skirt lined top.

10. Spread the dress on the floor and mark the point where you make tucks.

14. Sew the zipper, connecting it to the liner and the front part.

can say that in this work on the main prom dresses for girls over.There was one small thing.

15. Take a strip of scarlet satin fabric, fold it in half, right side facing and sew, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm. Leave a small opening through which you turn out the next belt.Smooth out the seam and remove the product, sew the hole a hidden seam.

If the belt will always roll down to the waist, it can be fixed - carefully baste to the back of the dress.

16. Roses to decorate dresses for girls are doing is simple: take a thin strip of crimson fabric, fold it in half and twist like a roll.Then slightly unfold the petals and sew on the back side, so it does not fall apart.Sew rosettes to places tucks.

All!Elegant dresses for girls with their hands ready!Sure, your little girl is a princess!

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