Cherry jam with seeds for the winter (fotoretsept)

Cherry - beautiful berry - cherry tree itself is unpretentious and fruitful seasons, cherry easy to collect and it is well kept, and cherry jam and jam out much faster than the currant.

If you have collected in the garden of the Siberian cherries, it is time to prepare for the winter easy jam from cherries with stones.

You will need:

  • Cherry
  • Sugar
  • Water

optimum ratio of cherries and sugar - 1: 1 , ie 1 kg of cherries - 1 kg of sugar.It can be a little less, but remember that sugar - is primarily a preservative, so if sugar is not enough, the jam will be stored for long and can sour.

Jam cherries with pits: fotoretsept

1. Rinse cherries, even if you think it is clean.It is better to hold it for 10 minutes in lightly salted water to have got out of it all the worms.When sure that the berry nobody else left, proceed to the second stage.

Cherry jam with seeds

2. Put the cherries into a bowl in which you will cook it, and pour sugar.Stir a little and succumbing to it will give juice.Leave overnight.C

herry - a rather dense berry, so it is necessary to survive.

3. The next day, remove with a slotted spoon in another bowl the whole cherries, should remain in the basin juice.Place the pelvis on the fire (in average temperature), pour a little water (not more than 100 ml).Water should pour in, if you gave a little berry juice;If juice is enough - you do not need to dilute with water, it will make the jam liquid.

Cherry jam with seeds

When the berry juice will begin to heat up, pour into a bowl of sugar needed.Then stir it well until a sugar syrup.

cherry jam with bone cooked in 3 divided doses, with standing.In this cooking berries remain intact and are not boiled soft.

4. Put the berries in the hot sugar syrup, stir well and bring to a boil.

Cherry jam with seeds

then boil for 5 minutes and remove from heat.Leave for 5-8 hours.

Repeat this process 2 more times.

If at some point you thought that sugar is not enough: in a separate container, melt the sugar syrup and pour it into a jam.

Cherry jam with seeds

5. Banks jam sure to wash and sterilize their soda in the oven.Covers parboiled.

6. Spread jam on cooled down banks.

Cherry jam with seeds

hope your cherry jam with seeds will be tasty and tart.Bon Appetit!

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