Sunstroke in the child: first aid, symptoms and signs

Sunstroke is a kind of heat.The reason for this painful condition also becomes overheating occurs when prolonged exposure to infrared rays on the bare head of the child.Overheating head provokes disorders of metabolism in the body and impedes the flow of oxygen to the tissues, broken processes of sweating and blood circulation. particularly strong when "& gt; sunstroke in the child suffer central nervous system , correct operation of which depends on the input to the tissues of oxygen.

The risk of heat stroke is much higher in hot, windless and humidweather, especially if the baby is dressed too warmly. Particularly vulnerable to the sun babies under the age of 3 years, as well as children with excess weight and diseases of the central nervous system.

Signs of heat stroke in children

Symptoms solarshock may occur after 1-6 hours after exposure to the sun. First, the child shows excessive anxiety and irritability, and then he becomes sluggish, complaining of a headache. Condition i

s aggravated by the appearance of shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. The body temperature rises to 39-40 degrees, the facechild blushes, there is blurred vision.In the absence of timely assistance deteriorating state of health: slowed or quickened heartbeat, may experience delusions and hallucinations.If the onset of symptoms of sunstroke the child devastating effects of dangerous radiation on his body continues, the skin becomes cold crumbs and cyanotic, his face covered with sticky cold sweat, possible loss of consciousness.Such symptoms poses a real threat to life.

first help the child when sunstroke

Ex and the first symptoms sunstroke in the child should call an ambulance, but before the arrival of the doctor should take measures to alleviate the condition baby.

1 . Take the child to a cool, well-ventilated place, lay it on its side, so that in case of vomiting baby drowned.

2. Undress the child or unbutton clothes.

3. Napo child cool water or tea.

4. As the temperature increases the baby's head should be cool wet towel wrap, cooling compresses periodically put on the neck, groin area, armpits, under the knees.Cold water is used to compress and rubdowns impossible, the temperature should be slightly below room.

First aid for heat stroke in a child aimed at alleviating the condition of the victim before the arrival of the specialist, but not for treatment.Even if you feel better after the crumbs of assistance rendered by you, do not give up on professional advice, because only a doctor can assess the severity of the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun and to give advice on the treatment and regime.

sunstroke prevention in children

Secure the child from sunstroke can be observing the basic rules:

  • in the heat to try not to stay in the sun in the period from 12.00 to 16.00;
  • baby wear for the weather;
  • sure when entering the street to put on the child's head-dress light color;
  • often drink the child;
  • pay attention to the frequency of urination in a child - one of the signs of dehydration rate is less urgency than 1 at 2 pm;
  • not overfeed the baby food in severe heat, preferring fruits, vegetables and dairy products;
  • in hot weather to bathe the child 2-4 times a day;
  • limit active play and physical activity of the child in the summer.

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