Crispy pickled cucumbers with aspirin

My family loves crunchy cucumbers.This crunch can be achieved in two ways.Firstly, always soak cucumbers in cold water for 5-6 hours (the colder the better).Second, add the horseradish root and leaves, oak or walnut leaves - just not all at once in a single bank.Experiment with some of these ingredients you like best, the one and write in your own personal recipe.Also, add the cucumbers and other spices and herbs: leaves of black currant, cherry, dill seeds, and others. But most of all in the crunch cucumbers affect aspirin.

Recipe cucumbers we indicate any additional spices, and you choose to your taste those that you have, or are simply looking for.

Pickled cucumbers with aspirin for the winter

on 3-liter jar we need:

- aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) - 3 pieces;
- citric acid - 2 h. L .;
- salt - 3 tbsp.L .;
- sugar - 2 tbsp.L .;
- pepper - a few peas, who he loves;
- bay leaf - 3 leaf;
- garlic - a few cloves;
- dill, horseradish leaves and roots;
- leaves of cherry, black currant, walnut,

oak (this is as described above: use at will and choice).

marinating process:

into sterilized jars lay out all the spices (at the bottom), then cucumbers (try to put as close as possible), and on top - salt, sugar, citric acid and aspirin.

pour boiling water, screw cap.Carefully turn over the jar upside down, so that aspirin and other ingredients are melted and wrapped up warm cloth (the banks put the lid down).After cooling - disclose, give stand overnight at room temperature - and can be removed for storage.Cucumbers with aspirin a well-stocked throughout the winter until spring.

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Bon appetit!

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