Questions that you will definitely be asked at the exit of the Decree

tell myself, it was very difficult to answer such questions - I'm worried about her daughter and wanted to quickly finish the workday.I suggest you possible answers, so that you can show yourself not as a hysterical mother, but as a sensible woman.

Sample questions and answers:

- Are you glad to be back on the job?

you want to say: Of course not, I want to be home with the baby, I want to see every minute of his life, he's still so small!

Correct answer: I understand that this is inevitable.I missed the team, talk and jokes.I think you can help me escape from the disturbing thoughts about the baby - I'm thinking about it every second.

- It was difficult to come back?

you want to say: you kidding?And what do you think?

Correct answer: me is hard to leave the child, but I think it was at all.

- I am thinking about work?

you want to say: you kidding?I had a baby, I'm cool like a squirrel in a cage, and it was clearly not up to the job, and you!

Correct answer: I'm just glad I'll get a little distracted, and the same things.

- I would have never left her small child with my parents and even more so with a stranger such as babysitting.

you want to say: Oh, yes, thank you once again reminded me of it.You insinuate that I am a bad mother?

Correct answer: I now really hard and I'm very worried about the baby.But with money tight and we are faced with a choice - work or sit without food.Moreover, I trust my parents / nanny.

- You must be very hard.How are you holding up?

you want to say: you trying to upset me?

Correct answer: It's not easy, but I try to maintain a good mood.Thanks for work.

- And we all continue to work on the site is not necessary.But we are glad to see you.

you want to say: Apparently you're not missed me and then I do not need!

Correct answer: 's good to hear.I'm glad to be back.

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