Cooking jam and jam Physalis

physalis can be of several types - vegetable, strawberry and decorative.Before you make jam from Physalis, determine whether a species is edible Physalis.

Boxes Decorative Physalis bright orange fruits are small and hard of the same bright orange.Such bouquets stood on every Soviet sideboard 80s.Boxes vegetable Physalis color are not so rich - closer to the yellow, green, except they are larger in size.Berry takes up almost the entire box, and sometimes gets out of it.

Please note that the decorative cape gooseberry in large quantities is toxic, so it is best know for sure that you have grown in the garden.

Physalis jam: Recipe

most suitable for jam - strawberry cape gooseberry, but also get good vegetable.

Collect physalis need only fully ripe, otherwise it will taste like unripe tomato.It's time for cooking jam Physalis - September.

Natural Physalis jam without additives

Physalis jam: Recipe

Clean and wash the boxes of all the berries.Cape Gooseberry Boil in boiling water for 2 minutes to remove the stickiness of the fruit.Eac

h berry pinned toothpick.This binding effect, in Physalis quite dense skin, so it gives bad juice and therefore poorly absorbs sugar syrup.Also, if the berry is not pierced by the heat, they eventually just burst and will look at the jam is not so appetizing.

ratio of sugar and berries - 1: 1

Dissolve 1 kg of sugar in 0.7 liters of water.The water may be topped up if necessary.

Pour hot syrup 1 kg of berries, boil 5 minutes.Then remove from heat and leave to stand overnight.Then boil for another 10 minutes over low heat and then leave for a couple of hours.If

cape gooseberry was ripe and delicious by itself, no additional action is required.

If your cape gooseberry is different special taste require any more ingredients.

Physalis jam with orange and lemon

Physalis jam: Recipe

All actions are the same as in the first recipe: prick Physalis berries, boil them in sugar syrup.In the second cooking add chopped in a blender lemons and oranges with peel.1 kg of Physalis - 2-3 orange and 1 lemon.Allow the jam to stand for 5 hours and spread on sterilized jars.

dessert jam Physalis

Physalis jam: Recipe

in warm countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan often do Physalis jam, as there are fruits ripen well, and therefore give a good taste when cooked.

Before cooking physalis not need to be soaked in hot water, as in the case of jam.

Turn the cape gooseberry through a meat grinder or blender and then boil with sugar syrup in the following proportions - 1 kg sugar 1 kg of berries 0.5 liters of water. To add a touch of spicy, add in the cooking juice of one lemon.

Jam should be well boil down - up to three times.But still an amateur, even after cooking a jam is ready for use and storage.

Sandwich jam Physalis

This is the most labor-intensive recipe, so if you do not want to mess around for a long time, you prefer it the usual jam physalis.

washed and pinned Physalis berries lay in the enamel basin or pan, cover with water and cook over low heat until tender when physalis.It is important that the fruit does not seethe a mess.

Physalis jam: Recipe

Next two options: remove any berries and rub them through a sieve.I should get a little zhelistaya weight.Either via immersion blender right in the pan pyuriruyte physalis.

Physalis jam: Recipe

Mix the resulting puree with sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.Add a little lemon juice or tartaric acid (no more than 3 g per 1 kg).As well as 100 grams of butter, jam to give a plastic consistency.Boil future jam over low heat until the desired consistency (about 40 minutes).Do not forget to stir constantly.

Spread warm jam Physalis on sterilized jars.Inverting the banks should not be.

We hope you find among these recipes from Physalis desired and your winter will be very tasty!

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