Making the board game Ludo (or Cash-Besh) with his own hands

How did it happen that the Kesh-Boesch became Ludo?Ludo game originates from the Persian game Parchis, the rules of the game is identical to the Iranian Cash-Besh, which is very popular in Central Asia - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.It is also said that the Caucasian people know her, too, but probably already at a third title.And in Russia, further strengthened the name of Ludo, likely because that is how it is called in Europe - Ludo.

Ludo strategy game suitable for both children and adults, and in spite of its simplicity quickly addictive.Number of players - from 2 to 4.

board game Ludo with your hands

Once Dad rascherchival marker large cutting board that has served us a golf game, now available in more civilized methods))) So here's the layout (orfield) for the board game Ludo, to be printed and pasted on cardboard or board.

golf board game Ludo

larger version can be downloaded HERE (Safe boot disk with Yandex).

Since you took to make a board game Ludo with your hands, then the chips have to be impr

ovised.The easiest way to make them out of wine corks, they are quite stable and difficult to lose.

board game Ludo with your hands

you need 16 wine corks and 4 colors - 4 pieces of the same color.

on top of the chips can be bonded Ludo lid for convenience.

board game Ludo with your hands

the middle of the field as a separator, you can use conventional metal tubes, but not necessarily, as the layout for Ludo already have color selection.

rules board game Ludo (or Cash-Besh)

board game Ludo with your hands

  • for the board game Ludo, you will need two dice.
  • Each participant has a house (a place where there are chips out of sight). goal: to bring all the pieces of the House, to pass on the perimeter of the field of cells and drive the chips back into the house.
  • Login to the game (output on the same chip) for each participant made on the release of the double cube.The first goes to the one who will throw a greater value, for example 6: 6.
  • displayed on the token box, put it on a cell of the same color near the House and look forward to your next turn.
  • Go to a game of Ludo can be any of their chips that are on the field.
  • If the dice throw out double - go as fallen and throw the dice again
  • If during your playing piece gets into the cell, where the chip is already the enemy, his chip "chopped" and goes back to the House.For this chip would have to throw a double, to put it into play.
  • If after you get up in the course of the angular cell in the center of the cross, and the next time you roll the course on one of the blocks 1 and 2, you have to jump to another angle cell.1 - jump right and continue at the expense of the second cube;2 - jump diagonally.Important!Leap is required, even if it is not profitable to you!So it is possible to skip your house :)
  • After infest range of chips to the House only with the exact number (ie, if the home is left 2 cells, then you need to throw 3. Some neglect this rule, but I thinkit's the funniest thing in the game when going all round the fastest, you can not get into the house :)))
  • wins the board game Ludo the first one will drive all of his chips back into the house.

Good luck!

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