Aromatic jam vegetable Physalis

Before you make a jam from Physalis, good to see you kind of food or not.Decorative physalis inedible and even poisonous.Physalis fruits ornamental small and hard, and boxes of bright color - bright yellow or orange.Boxes vegetable Physalis more muted colors, larger inside them large fruit (about as small as a cherry tomato).

Physalis jam cook several recipes with lemon, ginger, orange.Completely uniform Physalis jam to make, as a rule, does not work, because inside the fruit has small seeds.But when the fruit was ripe, it does not spoil jam.

tomatillo jam with orange

Jam tomatillo

Vegetable cape gooseberry is usually combined with other ingredients in a jam, because he does not have the expressive vkusom.Tsitrusovye - oranges and lemons give taste and savor to give jam brightflavor.

proportions: Physalis 1 kg - 1 kg of sugar - 0.5 liters of water - 2 oranges - 1 lemon.

Clean all the fruit, wash them and pierce with a toothpick each berry.

Prepare sugar syrup: 500 ml of water, melt the 0.5 kg of sugar,

bring to a boil and spend 5 minutes.Then put the berries in syrup Physalis.The whole berries should be in syrup as itself offers little physalis juice.Grinding in a blender orange and lemon zest together.You can also just cut them into small pieces and add to the jam.A small piece of ginger and grate and add to the pelvis.

on low heat, bring the jam to a boil, boil for 10 minutes, slightly overpressure berries.

should then jam to stand 5-8 hours.Over time, try to jam and add the rest of the sugar.Physalis Bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes.Allow to cool slightly and spread on sterilized jars.


If you want to jam Physalis berry was uniform without , then this recipe you need to make adjustments: Pour 1 kg of berries 0.5 liters of water, boil until tender berries.Then blenders pyuriruyte mass.Then add the sugar, orange, lemon and ginger.Boil everything on low heat for 10 minutes 2 times with left standing for 3-4 hours.

few more recipes you will find in our article preserves and jams of Physalis.

Bon appetit!

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