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Learning from nature

best grown oaks do not have eminent agronomists, while Mother Nature.To grow an oak from an acorn, see how it grows in nature.Acorns germinate well yourself without dancing with tambourines and expensive fertilizers.

in the forest acorns lay, half-palymi leaves.Soil around - loose and wet. most logical idea - when planting oak recreate similar conditions as possible.

How to grow an oak from an acorn in a pot or in the ground

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How to grow an oak from an acorn street

Transplant or plant directly to the place?

To acorn grew, it is best to plant in the fall in a place where it will grow. acorns have a really strong root system, it was she who first develops.So were grown Oak, and a year later to repot it, damaging the roots - a bad idea.

How much plant acorns, rose to one oak tree?

Acorns can be begun to rot, corrupted by, they may not like the soil ... so be prepared to lose every third plant.Take numbers: The more acorns you plant, the more oaks grow. However, most of the young oaks sprout effortlessly.Germination of 100% - the usual case.

Danger landing "for winter" - a mouse who is with great pleasure eat acorns.If you want to protect certain crops from rodents, cover acorns drawer with metal mesh.

How to grow an oak from an acorn in a pot or in the ground

When, in what land and how deep to plant an acorn?

autumn acorns in the ground can be planted before the temperature drops below zero.Depth small: enough to deepen the acorn to 3 cm into the ground and hide a pile of dead leaves, then the plant is excellent perezimuet.

Acorns sit down, put them flat (sideways), as the inherent nature.Another method of planting will prevent germination.

acorn does not like compacted soil, so planting is best to choose a place with loose soil rich or at least podryhlit and fertilize it.

If you want to grow a real oak from an acorn, be prepared for the fact that the tree will need a lot of space (the area of ​​the crown of adult tree - 25 sq m.). However, one does not like to grow an oak, "neighbors" to protect it from frost.

When oak sprout?

plants usually only giving back, just throw a few leaves.Oak the situation is quite different: first, he throws out the root, and a month and a half, no leaves on the ground, you will not see.It was only later (in late May or early June, if you live in Siberia or sooner, if your home is in the middle lane) first leaves appear.

If Oak does not appear on the surface, do not rush to dig up the flower bed.Continue every couple of days to water the landing site.

Rostock oak - strong plant, but at first it may prevent weeds.They need timely weed.

If you decide to plant Oak in the yard or in the city park, it can threaten another danger - the mower. To no one squinted oak, fences sprout and attach to it a bright patch.

spring planting oaks

spring can also be found acorns - have already germinated, often with spine. thrown them in the same way as the "winter" in the wet loose soil. It is important that the root of the seedling was in the ground and does not dry up.Rostock oak is better to hide the wet moss.

How to grow an oak from an acorn in a pot or in the ground

How to grow an oak from an acorn in a pot

If you scored acorns fall, they will have to stratify, that is soaking in a cool place.Place the acorns in a bowl of wet moss, sawdust or peat and store in the refrigerator in the vegetable compartment.Sometimes the package with acorns will need to get and ventilated.

good alternative to the refrigerator - cellar.Acorns stratification need a temperature of about 0 ° C or slightly more.

You will quickly notice the sprouting acorn he throws a powerful root. To grow from an acorn a full oak, buy a large pot.Sprinkle the bottom layer of expanded clay, and above - a layer of fertile soil (ideally, from the forest, where you find the acorns) and plant an acorn.If the growth of oak seedlings stopped, it is a signal that it is time to buy a bigger pot.

If your pot more than one acorn sprouted, plants will need to sit down as soon as possible: woven roots are very difficult to untangle.If untangling still can not be avoided, a good wet clod of earth with oaks and fingers disassemble roots as carefully as assorted be matted hair.

acorns planted in a pot in September and October without stratification, winter and spring can be halted and even lose leaves. Most likely, the plant is not killed, he just came untimely "Autumn". Remove the pot in a cool place and do not forget to water.Spring will land oak seedling in the soil - it will take root and grow.
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