Peppers on the seedlings when to plant varieties, soil, planting

Pepper - heat-loving plant, so many are afraid to take up its cultivation in our far warmer climes.And in vain!For the sake of natural taste, smell and extremely useful properties of pepper worth to try and take the risk.

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Before sowing the seeds, you need to choose suitable varieties. It should be taken into account where the peppers will grow: in the greenhouse or inopen field. It is also necessary to determine the speed of growth and maturation, taste, color, size and shape. So important factor - the climatic conditions in which the peppers will grow.

for greenhouse cultivation fit: early-maturing varieties («Health", "Cardinal", "Red Elephant", "Viking", "Orange miracle", "Podprok Moldova») , mid and late («Troika", "Nochka", "Paris"" Hercules, "" The Merchant »).
for open ground, choose varieties : « Bogdan "," California miracle "," swallow "," Mirage "," Player ».

Sowing the seeds for seedlings

When the pepper plant seedlings?It is believed that ideal time for planting peppers - end of February-beginning of March , as well as homemade cherry tomatoes . are advised to take into account features of the variety and the future of the locus.Thus, the seeds of early varieties need to be planted in the ground 2 months after germination, but later - after 2.5 months.Also seedlings planted in open ground (early - mid-June), it is best to sow later, as pepper seedlings grow, will be extended and will be weak.

determine the date of planting, you can start preparing seeds and soil .Sprinkle seeds on the table and separate chipped and darkened.You can also omit the seeds in a solution of salt (2 tbsp. L. 1 liter of water): quality seeds will sink to the bottom, empty - emerge.Then, they must be washed and dried on paper.Seeds may be treated with 1% potassium permanganate solution: dipped in the solution for 10 minutes, remove, wash and dry.Next, you need to sow the seeds in the ground.If you want to see the seedlings as soon as possible, leave them for germination.To do this, lay the seeds on gauze, cover the top with another layer of cheesecloth and wet.After 1-2 days the seeds will begin to swell and grow.Then they can sow, but in this case necessarily in moist soil.

With regard to the soil for planting, then you can buy the ground at the store, it contains all the necessary elements, depending on the type of plant.Or prepare the soil on their own: Mix a conventional garden land, humus and sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 2.It is also useful to add a little wood ash.
Seedlings pepper can be grown in pots or boxes.The first option is preferable, because the peppers do not like transplanting.The soil in the box or pour gorshrchkah, make an indentation or groove (in the box), place the seeds and sprinkle on top of the soil.Cover the container with foil or glass.Every 2 days watered, preferably by spraying, because the seeds are very small and may float to the surface.When the first leaves, start watering with warm water in the usual way.Pepper - water-loving plant, so you should carefully monitor the soil moisture to avoid it drying out.
When to plant peppers on the seedlings

For quality pepper seedlings need additional lighting.It is more convenient to use a special fitolampy, but if it does not, it is possible to dispense conventional fluorescent.Leave the lamp switched on from 9 am to 20 pm.

transplanting peppers in the ground

When to plant peppers on the seedlings

Seedlings peppers should be planted in fertile fertile soil in a sunny and windless place.Sweet peppers are planted square-cluster method at a distance of 60x60 cm without penetration.Hot peppers are thrown at a distance of 25 cm and between rows should be 50 cm.

Remember, sweet and hot peppers are not grown on adjacent beds, or a greenhouse, because they can pereopylilis, sweetPepper begins to taste bitter, bitter and lose its sharpness.If you planted the seedlings in open ground, the first time use a covering material.

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