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Ready florariumy sold in stores, fascinating.But they are, unfortunately, quite a lot.At the same time a decoration quite simple to do on their own.If you decide to do with their hands florarium to start prepare materials.

Florarium own hands: what plants need?

Florarium own hands: plants succulents

Plants florariuma better to choose such as cacti and succulents (plants that store water in leaves).They do not razrastyayutsya, original look, do not require frequent watering, unpretentious care.For example, for your first suit with his hands florariuma such plants:

  • cacti: prickly pear, Astrophytum, cereus, hametserius, Gymnocalycium, Notocactus, Mammillaria, Rebutia, etc .;
  • Succulents: Lithops, ehiveriya, aloe different species, Euphorbia, Crassula, delosperma, Haworthia, aeonium, agave and others.

However florarium can be placed and leafy houseplants - because of lack of space, the roots they will not grow.It feels good in florariumah moisture-loving plants - ivy, ferns, and if you plan to pour florarium infrequently, the vio

let-sadite miniature Saintpaulia.

Florarium own hands

Florarium own hands

Florarium own hands

Becoming an experienced florist, you can go ahead and try to create florarium, such as bonsai trees.

materials florariuma

Florarium own hands

florarium itself can be placed in any glass container: vase, glass, wine glasses beautiful form, a glass jar, the bulb of the lamp filament, bottle.It all depends on your desires and of whether you can put in florarium part quite accurately.

addition, you need (in that order):

  • drainage that you lay on the bottom - it is better to take the sand, can be - color, especially colored, or broken bricks;
  • ground for the type of plants you want to use;
  • sphagnum moss to hold moisture;
  • decor surface: gravel, colored stones, glass beads, colored sand, etc .;
  • decoration: animal figurines, artificial flowers, a mini-benches, lights and so on.

Zasuholyubivye cacti can be put simply in the sand.This design looks very stylish and minimalistic.But do not forget a few times a year to feed them (as a rule, it must be done from April to October).Very nice, instead of the outer coating looks green and red moss.

Tools for

Assemble the necessary tools to create their own hands florariuma:

  • large tweezers and forceps uhvatyvaniya small for small parts;
  • gloves;
  • syringe with water (for irrigation);
  • sprayed water (sprinkle each layer of soil);
  • teaspoon or mini-shovel for digging, chopsticks, toothpicks, etc.


Florarium own hands

capacity in place all the layers except the top - layer of decor.See how beautifully through the vessel wall looks florarium your future.Then there are rooted plants.And finally, create artistic composition.You see how easy.

More options decorative living corners with succulents you can see in our article on decorative artefacts to give .

Florarium own hands

Care florariumom

Florarium can be placed anywhere, but still better to focus on the light-loving plants that grow in it.Some light-loving plants require additional illumination - keep that in mind.

watered it should be rare, it is better - from the syringe into the soil, so as not to disturb the surface of the decor.If plants begin to grow - pinch and prune them.

Good luck!

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