When collecting Ivan tea (collection of raw materials and fermentation)

About miracle properties of willow-herb (or fireweed) has long been known in Russia, the leaves of this plant are actively stocking, brewed and consumed as a tasty and incredibly useful drink.It is known that the content of nutrients Ivan tea surpasses even vaunted by many physicians sea kale.This drink has a beneficial impact on virtually all organ systems, it relieves stress, normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep, metabolism, fights free radicals and prolongs youth.In the early 20th century, the research and popularization of the miraculous properties of willow-herb worked famous in those days the doctor Petr Badmaev, who lived to 110 years.

When collecting willow tea and how to cook at home when going Ivan tea

begin collecting Ivan tea can be before the first flower clusters in early May.For early collection fit the top of the plant.During this period the tea leaves is particularly gentle, well fermented and give refined aroma drink.Blooming Ivan tea is fermented less, but more rich in mineral properties during the flowering it i

s truly healing.During the collection of the plant breaks the half or carefully cut, are suitable for tea leaves and flowers. Collect Ivan tea impossible after the appearance on the plant down , since all the useful from the leaves is now out in the seeds, and getting down to the raw materials can greatly spoil the taste of the drink.

Collect Ivan-tea in the morning, after the dew dries.

Terms fermentation willow-herb

Before transgress to the fermentation Ivan-tea, it needs a little zavyalit.To this raw material is placed in shadow, natural fabric cover and is maintained at 24-27 C for 6 to 12 hours.It is important that the tea did not fall on the sun and it does not dry.

When collecting willow tea and how to cook at home

slightly dried tea leaves Ivan lose their elasticity, but yet do not crumble, so it is possible to start the fermentation.To do this, the leaves and blossoms rolled between your hands so that made the juice and disrupt the structure of the leaf.From the intensity of compression will depend directly on the quality of Ivan-tea in the preparation.The more intense the ride sausages - the darker the color of the tea and the richer it will taste.Tightly rolled sausages placed in an enamel container and cover with a damp cloth to dry the raw material is not.You can optionally also cover lid.Fermentation Ivan tea should take place in a warm place.Depending on the humidity of the raw process lasts 8 to 48 hours.It is important all the time periodically moisten the cloth so it does not dry up.A sure sign that the fermentation is complete and was successful - is the emergence of a pleasant floral-fruity aroma, where you can catch the notes of plum, pineapple and rose hips.

fermented sausages are cut into pieces-tea leaves of any size.Now, raw materials have to turn over, and gently spread out on a baking sheet.

When collecting willow tea and how to cook at home

Dry Ivan-tea can be in the sun, and in the oven.In the second case the oven door is left open and the set temperature of 50-60 C. It is important that the finished product has turned out dry, but are not overdried.Tea leaves need to break in his hand, but in any case not to crumble into dust.Typically, drying Ivan tea rather 2 hours in the oven.

Ivan-tea: drink recipe

taste and aroma of the beverage depends not only on the quality of welding, but also on the method of brewing.You can not brew Ivan tea as well as a regular black or green.Properly prepare the tasty and wholesome drink should be in the following sequence.

1. Prepare a ceramic or glass teapot, rinse it with boiling water and scald.

2. Measure out the required amount of tea leaves at the rate of 2 hours. L.half a liter of water.Ivan fermented tea has a high biological activity.Therefore, doctors do not recommend more than a day to consume 2 tablespoons.l.welding.

3. Water for brewing should not contain impurities, it can be filtered, but best of all - the well or spring.Distilled water is not recommended.

4. Water for Ivan-tea prescription does not boil, but only adjusted to the beginning of the boil and pour it brew.

5. Teapot tight-fitting lid, but do not wrap up, since excessive overheating deprives drink mineral properties.

6. After 10-15 minutes the tea is ready.It should be roused to activate contained essential oils.It is because of their ready availability drink beautifully kept for several days even at room temperature.

Ivan tea is good in heat and cold.It is important to drink it without sugar - if you want to drink in prikusku with dried fruit.

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