Kaporskaya tea: cooking, recipe home

Taking a walk in nature, be sure to pay attention to Cyprus.In people, this plant is also called Ivan-tea.Cyprus has a relatively high and tight stem, studded with thin and long almond-shaped leaves.The upper part of the plant is topped inflorescence of small lilac-pink flowers.At the end of flowering inflorescences appear fluff.Cyprus can be found almost anywhere - this plant is characterized by a great vitality and feels good in the wastelands, glades, fires, roadsides.Once in Russia, Cyprus was the main plant for the production of tea and was known long before the usual for us Ceylon and Indian beverage.Incidentally, the Russian fireweed even exported abroad, where he also was loved and appreciated by many.

Nowadays tradition of drinking tea Ivan reborn as the benefit of the drink can not be underestimated.Cyprus has good effects on many organs and body systems, prolongs youth, gives vitality, normalizes metabolism, helps to resist many diseases.Fight free radicals and the strength Kaporskaya tea.

Preparation Kaporskaya tea based on the fermentation process and can be carried out both in industry and in the home.Depending on the conditions of preparation can be prepared black, green or red Kaporskaya tea.The taste of the drink can be diversified to include tea bouquet of aromatic herbs, blossoms or berries , who also first have to gather and prepare.

Kaporskaya tea: cooking at home

fireweed leaves already contain everything needed for the fermentation process, ie fermentation.Rumpled in the hands of leaf lets the juice containing the active enzymes that trigger needed for the preparation of tea process.Several methods for the fermentation of tea willowherb.Here is one of them.

1. collected fireweed leaves little provyalivayut, scattering evenly on a cotton cloth and soaking 2-8 hours outdoors in the shade.It is important to help retain moisture raw materials.Withered leaves should be soft, not brittle.

how to cook Kaporskaya tea at home

2. can now proceed to the next step, ie,Kaporskaya fermented tea.Preparation of leaf fermentation can be carried by hand, rolling them between your hands to release the juice, but this hand-harvesting of tea is quite time-consuming.We offer a quicker way: withered leaves scrolling through a meat grinder.Minced mass is placed in an enamel bowl, cover with a lid and put in a warm place for about a day.The temperature at which the fermentation of raw materials must be not less than 25 and not more than 30 C. The fermentation process Kaporskaya tea can happen quickly, a sure sign of the completion of the process - the appearance of a pleasant fruity-grassy smell.

how to cook Kaporskaya tea at home

3. After completion of the fermentation can proceed to the dried tea . Preparation Kaporskaya tea home allows drying in an oven.Color of the final beverage will depend on the temperature to which you warm up the oven.When dried at 90-150 C will granulated black tea when brewed gives a strong infusion of dark amber.When dried at 60 ° C Kaporskaya tea will be green.During drying, the tea should stir constantly until it is completely dry, but it is important not to overdo raw materials.Ready tea leaves should be dry and when you break, but do not crumble into dust.If the tea crumble when pressed, it is too dry and when brewed will have a bad taste.

Kaporskaya Brewed tea at the rate of 2 teaspoons0.5 liters of water.Pour the boiling water did not, just hot water and insist 10-15 minutes.

Ready Kaporskaya tea stored in glass jars, sealed with plastic covers.Interestingly, over time, the taste and beneficial properties of this wonderful drink only improved, so tea can safely store large quantities for future use.Enjoy your tea!

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