Cosy autumn composition with his own hands

Outside, September, October, and November and then with the long rains, gloomy gray skies and nostalgia of a bygone summer.But in the fall - it is a riot of colors and leaves, autumn colors and a variety of fruits that can be used successfully to create the autumn compositions from natural materials.Staying at home in bad weather, make yourself a sunny mood, decorate the interior with bright and cozy autumn compositions made with their own hands.

can be used to create a variety of fruit crops, fresh and dried flowers and herbs, berries, twigs, leaves of trees and shrubs, nuts, pine cones, acorns, chestnuts and other natural material.Sometimes you can use artificial fruits, vegetables and flowers.At the heart of many autumn compositions can be used pretty pumpkin.

Autumn composition with his hands pumpkin

Cut the "cap" and remove the pulp.The most common pumpkin makes pots and vases for autumn compositions with his own hands.

1. Place pumpkin in a pot marigold flowers, asters or gerbera.Aroun

d place red apples, yellow fruit quince and green bell pepper.Complete composition of clusters of red mountain ash.

Autumn composition with his own hands

2. Pumpkin can be painted using gouache, for example, put on a brown background orange stripes or any ornament, and give the paint to dry.Top coat varnish to crazing.Inside place a glass or jar of water, and place in which the flowers - original will look orange gerbera, red dwarf dahlias, chrysanthemums.

Autumn composition with his own hands

Autumn composition with his own hands

3. carve pumpkins in the shape of a basket, fill it with any fruits and berries.Apples and pears, quince, hops, hawthorn berries, etc. Must be strung on wire or wooden skewers and place the pumpkin in a basket decorated with maple leaves, flowers, acorns and dried herbs.

Autumn composition with his own hands

4. striped pear-shaped pumpkins can be used as small vases for the autumn colors, twigs and leaves.Flowers in pots pumpkin decorate the room and hallway in your home.

Autumn composition with his own hands

5. Decorative pumpkins can be used as candleholders.They will create a romantic atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home.Candlesticks can be decorated with sprigs of blackberry, dogwood, hawthorn, mountain ash and viburnum bunches.

Autumn composition with his own hands

6. a pumpkin for the compositions can be drilled or cut holes, creating the effect of perforation.Especially well it will look into the candlesticks.

Autumn composition in vases

Autumn composition with his own hands

To produce autumn composition from a natural material with your hands, you'll need a vase base: it can be not only ordinary vase, but also plates, small buckets, jugs, wooden bowls.You can also make the basis for the composition of the melt in the oven vinyl.

Autumn composition with his own hands

If in the arsenal there is only ordinary glass vase or a bank, it is best to decorate.

Take a thin wrapping paper (preferably translucent), liquid starch and economic brush

Now spread vase starch and obkleyte layer of wrapping paper, then glue it dry leaves on top of another layer of paste paper.This can be done several times.The idea is that through the wrapping paper stood out the contours of the leaves.Dry the bowl and sprinkle with hairspray to give luster vase.

How to autumn composition from natural materials?

1. If you do fall composition with his hands on a flat plate or a vase, used as the basis oasis (for fresh flowers), foam or any other dense material, which you can stick the flowers and twigs.

2. When gluing leaves Apply glue not only on foot, but also on the bottom of the page - or it will not hold.

3. If using wooden skewers, or wires strung with these elements - it must be a mountain ash, acorns, pine cones, nuts, hips, etc., Is generally something that is not moldy if damaged shell on the first day.

Autumn composition with his own hands

4. Do not forget to use the spikes and blades of grass, as well as compositions ideally will look flowers, autumn leaves rolled out , - it's a great alternative to living color.

5. Do not pour water into the natural baskets, such as pumpkin or zucchini, put into a pot or jar.

Autumn composition with his own hands

also as autumn decor can make Topiary of leaves and other natural materials, or a plate of leaves in papier-mâché.

We wish you a great autumn: and even if it was drizzling outside, your home will be warm and cozy!

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