Shoe down jackets for winter: no divorce, stains and clumps!

Lightweight and comfortable down jacket - a real find for any woman.Very convenient in the everyday and festive wear, it allows us to survive the winter cold in the comfort, warmth and still look wonderful.And to our outerwear has kept his new, as in the purchase, view, was well-groomed and suitable for use in the next season, you need to know, jacket how to clean properly.

Before you get to work, you need to assess the extent of external contamination down jackets and choose the way of getting rid of it available on the spot, greasy and dirty sleeves collar.It is possible to use a method of applying the "surgical strikes" on individual parts are contaminated or wash down jacket alone or done something, and another at once.In this article we describe possible ways of cleaning.

How to clean the jacket using washing

Before washing down jackets, you must check it out his pockets to take out money, receipts, notes and other necessary little things.Then you have to detach the hood, remove the belt an

d turn jacket inside out.Before washing outerwear detergents can be applied directly to the area of ​​the spots and leave for 10-20 minutes.This can be a simple way to enhance their cleaning effect.

Getting washing down jackets with special detergents, intended for clothing of down or wool.The water temperature should be diapazone30-40 ° C, delicate mode is selected.To prevent clumping down, in the washing machine can be put 3 tennis ball Ica.

Rinse the product after washing should be at least 3 times, using a conditioner.Pressing at a speed of 700-800 revolutions per minute at most.While your jacket does not become completely dry, it is necessary to periodically turn and shake, kneading lumps of feathers and down. drying jackets best on the grid rather than on a gas stove on a radiator.When the jacket is dry, it is necessary to splash water on his cloth.If the droplets are rapidly absorbed, and not sunk from the surface of the material, it is necessary to process a special water-repellent jacket.

How to clean the jacket using improvised

Dishwashing Liquid perfectly cope with grease spots on your feather bed.It effectively removes grease, breaks it and thus does not violate the structure of the material.In a small bowl, mix 2 hours. L.liquid and add a little water.Stir well, and then use the sponge from the foam, apply the resulting foam on dirty plot.A few minutes down jacket should be wiped with a damp cloth.

unleaded petrol perfectly cope with spots of different oils.You can purchase it at any hardware or hardware store.To clean oil stains from the down jacket is necessary to moisten a cotton pad in gasoline and then rub the stain them.Movement should be directed away from the edge of the spot to the middle.Upon completion of the procedure and the product is wiped with a damp clean cloth.Sometimes the use of gasoline for cleaning the jacket can cause discoloration of the material.Therefore, before using the sample must do - put a few drops of gasoline on an inconspicuous section of down jackets and wait a couple of minutes.

How to clean jacket , if the origin is unknown spots?There is a universal remedy.Take a 10-percent ammonia, a little money to take care of the dishes and mix them.Next, moisten a cotton swab in the liquid and treat her soiled area.After the wash the surface with a damp cloth or sponge from foam rubber.

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