Blankets made of camel hair: use, durability, maintenance

Camel - one of the hardiest of animals on our planet.His body is adapted to withstand the daily fluctuations of the temperature of 40 ° C.And all thanks to the fur covering his body.This amazing thermal capacity for a long time seen and used by man. blanket of camel hair - traditional wedding gift in the Mongolian and Kazakh families.

On hot days in the desert camel spin can be heated to 80 ° C.At this time, on the surface of the soil is already possible to fry an egg, and a coat on the surface of the body of a camel - only 40 ° C.The older a camel, the rougher and darker than his hair. most valuable is considered fluff young camels white - tailak.Blankets tailak of the most expensive and high-quality.

What is the difference between a blanket of camel hair from the others?

Blankets made of camel hair: use, durability, maintenance

hollow structure of the hair

camel hairs are hollow inside and have a lamellar structure, unlike any other wool.That is why blanket of camel hair so well retain heat.

hygroscopicity and breathability

Unlike synthetic insulation, camel hair breathe.Excessive moisture is easily absorbed. blankets camel well suited for people with excessive sweating.


camel wool is collected during the natural molting.You can be sure that the production of your blankets, no animals were harmed.Surprisingly, camel hair is virtually impossible to stain, and hence there is no chemistry.

Health Benefits

Due to the high content of natural lanolin, camel wool has antistatic effect, it does not collect dust and bacteria does not cause allergies.According to some, it even absorbs radioactive radiation.

appreciable prickliness blankets of camel's hair many consider a disadvantage.But it is worth remembering that such a natural micro is extremely useful for the skin, cures colds, rheumatism and joint pains. Women of ancient Egypt wore special belts made of camel wool to lose weight.

Care blankets

Blankets made of camel hair: use, durability, maintenance

Open blankets from natural camel wool wash is not recommended. They can only occasionally dried in the sun.Even with such a burdensome care, they last a long time and handed down from generation to generation.

blankets to cover the tissue over time, require washing.If you have a quilt of 100 percent wool, it can not be washed, or it may skomkovatsya.But you can carry a blanket to the dry cleaners. Camel blanket , manufactured using thermally bonded fibers can be carefully washed, but you can not wring out and hang to dry as it can lose shape.Be sure to save the label with the rules of care, so as not to spoil such a useful thing in the economy.

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