Halcon - insulation with unique properties

pleased to buy as much as possible, we try to choose the most appropriate thing in all respects.But the more variety, the more difficult to choose.Before going shopping advisable to arm themselves with knowledge about the most common modern insulation. What is Halcon?

Halcon and use

Halcon (Hollcon) - non-woven synthetic insulation made of fiber hollofaybera bonding method.Hollow fiber coil disposed vertically relative to the material surface marks «Con», «Con G», «Con D». Due to its strength, elasticity and the ability to quickly recover the amount , insulation Halcon widely used not only in clothing, but also in the production of air-conditioning systems, furniture and cars.

Halcon stuffed pillows and stuffed toys, it is made into blankets and mattresses durable hardness.Thick layer of Halcon hardly migrate through the coating material.For all its artificiality Halcon incombustible, it does not break out from sparks accidentally hit .

Properties Halcon

Insulation Halcon environmentally friendly, does not contain the glue does not cause allergies, does not absorb moisture and does not accumulate in itself pathogens .Halcon uniqueness in the fact that it can be washed, and boiled with steam at a temperature up to 110 ° C.This means that it can be disinfected by bacteria and fungi.In the matter of hygiene and safety for human Halcon competition.


Insulation Halcon: property, density, temperature

Like other synthetic insulation , Halcon produce different densities.The greater density of material, the warmer it is.Winter products are usually insulated Halcon 200-300 g / sq.m demi jackets and coats 100-150 g / sq.m.


widespread blended materials Halcon Halcon-wool, bamboo.They are naturally hygroscopic natural materials.Halcon-wool combines the unique properties of wool that are not yet able to repeat any of synthetic materials and durability hollofaybera.This combination provides a dry and pleasant climate inside the product.Bamboo fiber in the composition of the insulation has an antimicrobial effect and helps to regulate the heat.

Care and laundry Halcon

care products filled with holkonovym very simple.Halcon itself is very durable, it can be heat treated to 95 ° C . After washing it easily recovers form .Follow the instructions on the label of a particular thing, in order not to damage the top material is the main product.Best option to choose pillows and mattresses with removable covers.Jackets and other clothing inside Halcon machine washable at 60 ° C and a squeeze.

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