Material hollofayber: property maintenance, laundry

Material hollofayber - environmentally friendly synthetic material.It is made on the newest technologies.In many ways he was able to replace the fluff, padding polyester or other fillers.

Properties hollofaybera:

  • fiber has a spring structure that allows products from hollofaybera easily recover its shape during deformation;
  • hollofayber - hypoallergenic material;
  • provide good thermoregulation;
  • does not absorb moisture.

Applications hollofaybera

1. Construction (hollofayber provide heat and sound insulation).It can be used for thermal insulation of floors, walls, balcony.

2. Textiles (filler for various products). Hollofayber used as filler for mattresses, blankets, pillows.The advantage of such bedding as compared with conventional (containing fluff or pen) is that they are light and it is very warm, so they will provide comfort during sleep.Hollofayber does not roll, so these products can serve a very long time.The pillows and blankets from material hollofayber never be got to bed mite, which is very fond of fillers such as feathers.

3. Very popular down jackets and coats on hollofayber.They, as well as bedding hollofaybera, very warm, lightweight, comfortable.They can be easily washed without fear that insulation jacket rolled up and become less warm.

4. hollofayber material is also used as stuffing in the restoration of upholstered furniture, clothing as a vehicle for cats and dogs, as well as the packing bags for ensuring their impermeability.

care products from hollofaybera

products filled material hollofayber, can be soaked and washed in water temperature over 50 ° C, washed by hand, pressing the centrifuge.Despite the fact that the things of holofayber washable, do not do it too often, because sooner or later, the fiber structure is destroyed.In addition, in any case, the clothes of hollofaybera not be ironed, heated to a temperature above 100 C. °

If after several washings pillows or blankets lost shape due to deformation hollofaybera, you can restore its structure.To do this, remove the filler and using a brush designed for animal hair, fluff.Hollofayber will return its original form and will last a very long time.

Hollofayber - a unique modern design, without which it is now impossible to do.

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