Day of joy: how to decorate a festive table

The taste and color

color to some extent determines the holiday mood and sets the tone for the entire event.

If the banquet is planned, it is better to stay on white.It can be linen tablecloths, crystal, white porcelain, napkins.This classic look is simple and yet elegant.

Green - the color of nature.Especially nice to see it in the rainy autumn and harsh winter.He can not stand, and at the same time to emphasize the beauty of the other colors.

How to decorate a holiday table

color like lime lit from within.
small strips of cloth or textile color will make the room lighter

How to decorate a holiday table

more discreet and calm shade of green
combined with warm pumpkin

yellow color also conveys notes of spring mood.It is the color of sunlight, a field of vegetation.On the table you can put primroses, dandelions, tulips or daffodils.And to bring autumn motives, just add purple and red tones.

How to decorate a holiday table

How to decorate a holiday table

yellow with white and blue - a combination that is hard to avoid,
so fresh it looks

pastel colors give the table tenderne

ss and grace.Muted shades of cream, salmon, pink and lavender will radiate calm.Here the dishes on the table need to put a neutral white or pale colors.

How to decorate a holiday table

gentle and airy design table

How to decorate a holiday table

pastel colors combined with brighter
may look mischievous

With red colorbe careful.It catches the eye first.Dilute with its active domination can be faded shades of pink, green, or gray.In addition, under different lighting the red light looks different, experiment.

How to decorate a holiday table

The traditional New Year's table a combination of red and green background accent
plus original method of cooling champagne

huge room for imagination gives palette blue color.Light blue is combined with pink, orange, yellow and white, and dark blue - yellow, red, gray and blue.

How to decorate a holiday table

successful combination of discreet blue and white interior
with bright orange and pink accents

not deprived of attention gray color.Impressive results are obtained by a combination of gray and warm or cold tones.Chrome, steel, silver, mirrors emphasize "mechanistic" atmosphere, and a combination of gray and red and yellow - a pleasant and mysterious.

How to decorate a holiday table

very fashionable combination of lilac or blackberry gray

At the head of the table

around the central element of the table decoration built everything else, so you need to choose it carefully.

It can be a vase of fresh flowers, a bowl filled with water, petals and floating candles, terracotta container with vegetables or fruit, electric garlands, large decorative candles, big beautiful bowl with pine branches, pine cones and gilded fruit.

How to decorate a holiday table

Remember, if you invite little guests, the central element to be small, even if space is limited.Sitting at the table have to see each other, but still need to leave space for plates, glasses and appliances.

Simple solutions

Here are some original and simple solutions that can help you quickly and at the same time beautifully decorate the holiday table.

  • Beautifully will look a garland of pine branches around the base of a decorative bowl.
  • Flowers on the table should not be high, so that guests can freely communicate with each other.
  • stylish and contemporary look tall glasses filled, white tulips, colored beads or decorative stones.
  • kits are a great decoration of china and dishes with floral motif.All this can be selected according to the color table cloths and the overall color scheme.
  • You can also decorate the napkin rings with ribbons, tinsel, original labels.Sami napkins decorated with streamers, colored ribbons or flowers.
How to decorate a holiday table

To make suitable pets, plants or succulents, such as flowers of violets

  • uplifting candlesticks, wicker bread bins small, little boxes of sweets.
  • table decorations suitable for rare trinkets and decorative vases.Optionally, so that they are made of porcelain or silver.You can buy a beautiful candle holders made of glass, steel or ceramic.
  • as supports for the knives suitable fir cones or small tidy woven mats.
  • Each unit can be supplied mini salt shaker.
  • from berries, flowers, sea shells and pebbles can create a still life, which will cause the admiration of visitors.
  • Try to combine decanters, unusual sinks and bowls of fruit and vases of various shapes and sizes in order to achieve a festive effect.
  • How to decorate a holiday table

    Flowers can also be different

  • candles can set the original cut a piece of black bread.
  • Instead candlesticks fit glass glasses with floating candles.The more candles, the room looks more picturesque.
  • Napkins pastel shades and draperies give beautiful holiday table sophistication.
  • Over tablecloths can throw another one, smaller and a different color, or openwork napkin.
  • If you look for a thematic table decoration, for example, year for blue Horses , you can put a symbol of the year-horse on the table.
  • additional decoration to hang on the door.This can be a wreath of flowers (for him more suited chamomile, marigold, laurel, basil, lemon balm) or branches.The wreath can be done independently.

  • How to decorate a holiday table


    Remember that everything, even the decor, should be in moderation.But e If will spend thematic evening, you can decorate not only the table, but all the space. only way your table will look smart and elegant. attracted the registration desk children - they like such an occupation, and you are not distracted.

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