How to stick boots: fix pesky little things

torn boots - a good excuse to buy a new pair.But it does not always have that opportunity.If the injured expensive shoes, very comfortable and loved, it is a pity to throw it away.And then the question arises as to seal boots reliably and accurately?

Dear boots better attributed to the workshop.Rough handling glue could aggravate the situation.Have a professional shoemakers a lot of experience and they can make it so that the holes on will be over.But if your hands are not for boredom and curiosity exceeds the risks and then we can try!

Choose glue

If there was a question in front of you, how and what to stick boots, in any case it is not necessary to use superglue.Corrosive second adhesive violates the structure of the material and makes the place gluing fragile as glass.Shoes worn when exposed to the natural stretch and bend, patch crumble, then the boots will come in the final disrepair.

Only use flexible adhesives, example, "Moment Marathon."Professional shoemakers use adhesives "Dismakol"

and "Nairit", but finding them is not easy.To patch was the most robust, carefully read the instructions on the packaging glue before to seal boots, and follow all recommendations.

As seal boots if ...

Situation number 1: the boots were dispersed along the seam, frayed thread

Nothing to seal is not necessary.If the material is not damaged and can be seen opening the seam, a hole is easy to sew strong thick thread kapron.Backwater lining and pick up to the hole from the inside.Repeat exactly the seam holes.If you make more than holes in the skin, it may tear.

Situation number 2: leather (or leatherette) broke on smooth spot

This hole is the most frustrating, because the trace of the sealing will still be visible.As quietly as possible to stick the boots?We need to do a patch inside.Pick up a piece of thin skin or thick tissue, for example, plaschevki.Apply glue around the hole before reaching the edges of 3-5 mm.Carefully stykuya edge, push the patch.Turn boot to the face.Neprikleivshiesya edge to gently lubricate the glue with a toothpick and a good squeeze.The main thing is to face the shoe glue did not get, and the edges of the holes are aligned precisely.

How to stick boots - cut on the ankle

Situation number 3: the material is torn at the seam

to each side seam glue a piece of skin to repair torn allowance.After drying glue sew clear the place of the original seal.

situation number 4: divorced sole

How to stick the boot if he "asks porridge?"To soles stuck firmly place oshkurte gap sandpaper, clean it thoroughly from the old adhesive.Be sure to wipe the bonding surfaces with acetone or alcohol before applying the adhesive.To create the load firmly bandage boots.

to the shoes do not spoil, it is important to properly store .It is better to keep the box in which it was bought, and store boots in them, then they do not form creases and leather boots are not deformed.

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