Choose the champagne: a review of best brands

French wines

Champagne - French invention.Not surprisingly, palm and still keep the French brand. choosing them in the contents of the bottle, you can not doubt for a second.

1. «Louis Rёderer» (Louis Roederer), «Laurent Perrier» (Laurent-Perrier) - 3000 rubles.

2. «Veuve Clicquot» (Veuve Clicquot), «Moe & amp;Chandon »(Moet & amp; Chandon),« Bolinzhe »(Bolinger) - 2500 rubles.

3. Budget French champagne - "Jean-Paul Chenet» (JPChenet) - 700 rubles.

Italian wines

Italians never lagged behind in the French wine industry. Their sparkling wines differ fruity aftertaste and more accessible prices.

1. Dry sparkling «Prosecco» closest to taste the champagne.Price - from 400 rubles.

2. Wines Asti province - «Martini Asti», «Cinzano Asti», «Asti Mondoro» and others - sweeter and less strong.Prices - from 500 to 1000 rubles.

3. Sparkling «Lambrusco» can be white, red, pink, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet, that is, for every taste.From 200 rubles.Decent budget option for celebration.

4. «Bosca Anniversary» costs only 200 rubles., The taste is close to the «Asti» and became a popular alternative to cheap domestic champagne.But this artificially carbonated wine, and it is made mostly in Russia and Lithuania, not in the homeland of the brand.

Domestic wine

If you are not a professional sommelier, you hardly notice the difference between this and a good domestic French champagne.

1. «Abrau-Durso" - the wine legend."Brut" brand "Imperial" and "Dravin" almost no way inferior to the French wines.The cost - 300-800 rubles.

2. «Tsimlyanskoe" brand "Onegin" is also considered one of the best.Price - 500-1100 rubles.

3. Crimean wines "New World".Price 700 rub.

4. Noteworthy wine «Chateau Tamagne» and «Phanagoria."Price from 350 rubles.

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How to choose and serve champagne?

read the label carefully, especially the fine print on the back.Wines of the right technology - "aged", "classic", "sparkling". bottle labeled "sparkling", "saturated", "sparkling" and "sparkling" is better to put in place.

If you choose an inexpensive drink worth up to 400 rubles, and want to avoid the soreness of the mouth, give preference to semi-dry or semisweet wines. Sugar masks obvious defects of taste.In general, dry wines for the amateur, even expensive.

sweetness of the drink should be selected and the menu. Dry drunk as an aperitif.For the main meal with a semi-dry and semi-sweet dessert leave.

Champagne bottle must be cooled to 6-8 ° C in the refrigerator or ice bucket.Before removing the wire, slowly turn the bottle upside down.Pour champagne on a crystal-clear high glass.With new happiness!

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