Spring: it's time to decorate the door ...!

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"your porch or stairwell produces guests first impression", - assured the consultant shop "Everything for Truckers" Angelina Demidov - "try to put near the front door with pots of fresh flowers and festive spring elements- mark thus spring ".

can also choose artificial flowers - then they will not fade until the end of summer!

Wreaths of flowers at the door

Wreaths of flowers

Wreaths of flowers at the door

Wreaths made from fresh flowers - a true embodiment of the spring.To start, you need to make a ring of grass or, say, the vine.Then turn on the imagination - to strengthen the wreath with the help of wire and decorate with any color that you just prefer!

patriotic decorations

Any of these ornaments can complement the traditional symbols of the country or spring holidays - for example, Victory Day.All of this - from flags to St. George ribbons - you can easily find close to home.In addition, you can make a decoration also "good" - for example, it may be a feeder or bird house.


At the entrance to your

home is easy to install the plate with their own initials.If you add to it a small bouquet of flowers, so relevant in the spring, it will turn out in style, elegance and hospitality.

unusual materials

Wreaths of flowers at the door

Tired of flowers?Weave a wreath of bright fabrics - old ties husband or pieces that are not included in the quilt.

The wreath on the door with his hands

The wreath on the door with his hands

can also be used to create ornaments plastic bottles or paper.

Wreaths of flowers at the door

umbrella with flowers

Umbrella with flowers - decoration on the door

of umbrellas you can easily make a perfect "vase", filling it with flowers and leaving from (or to) the front door.

Decorate the wreath itself

Door wreaths that are sold in stores usually unoriginal.So make them so!Add to them the new flowers, silk ribbon or other embellishments.Hang a wreath on the bright ribbon - and it will be something special!

flower garlands

Wreaths of flowers at the door

The wreath on the door with his hands spring and summer you can find an entire flower garland on her door.Here your guests will be surprised to see such beauty!

Please note that the front door - not the only one worthy ornaments.So use our advice and other door - say, the one that leads to the courtyard.Try a little, creating wreaths and garlands, you'll be even nicer to enjoy the warm season - inside and out!

But HERE you will find ideas to decorate the doors of your home to the New Year holidays!

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