Terms store winter clothes and shoes

Spring-summer - a time when warm coat, coat and boots resting on the mezzanine shelves and cabinets.During this period it is important to protect them from voracious moth, unattractive creases, cracks and discoloration.Learn how to store winter clothes correctly.

Storage fur coats, sheepskin coats and leather clothes

Before you put a fur coat in the closet for storage, it should be thoroughly dry and clean.Dry coat should be at room temperature.In no case do not carry fur dry in the sun and do not unpack them to dry on the heaters.

Not too dirty coat using enough clean clothes brush.More stubborn dirt can try to eliminate, processed fur gasoline, and then starch.However, much more reliable to entrust cleaning professionals.

Minor pollution in sheepskin coats can be removed with a conventional eraser school, more serious stains require treatment to the dry cleaners.Fur, located on the inner side of the product is purified using a clothes brush.

Pollution from leather goods are removed using a c

loth dampened with soapy water and then dry cloth.Return the lost shine skin treatment will help glycerin.

Appearance warm clothing largely depends on how you store winter clothes. Fur, leather and suede should "breatheĀ», so the plastic bag - not the best place to store them.It is much more correct to put a coat, a sheepskin coat or leather jacket in a paper or cloth bag and hang it on a hanger in the expanded form, to avoid creases and cracks.

in case, be sure to put moth balls , which should be replaced with a new, as the expiration date.To a white fur does not cause unpleasant yellowness, it should be stored in a fabric cover in blue.

Terms store winter clothes and shoes

sinteponovye jackets and down jackets

cleaning products filled with down requires special care.Ideally, it is best done at the dry cleaners.At home, jackets washed in the washing machine or by hand, without pre-soaking.Pre can clean the most dirty place (hem, cuffs and collars) with a cloth moistened with a mild shampoo :.

Before washing, be sure to check the label to the rules of cleaning products.In most cases, manufacturers recommend washing without spinning at low temperatures.To fluff is not lost during washing down jacket should be buttoned all the lightning and put in the drum a few tennis balls. Dry jacket should be at room temperature, away from heat sources.Once the jacket is dry, it should be shaken, spreading down filled.

sinteponovye jackets erased mild shampoo.Dark things recommended to rinse a few times to get rid of the soap residue.

sinteponovye Jackets and coats can be stored without a cover, but not necessarily in a dry and dark place.

How to store winter shoes

Before sending warm boots and shoes in the closet until next season, they should be well washed and dried.Leatherette footwear is enough to wipe with a dry cloth and leather sure to lubricate the cream. In no case did not treat black leather boots and shoes colorless cream, so they fade and lose its former luster.Pick a cream color shoes!

is particularly important to know how to properly store winter shoes made of suede - very beautiful but capricious in care of the material.

Clear suede from minor contamination is possible with a special cleansing foam, spray and rubber brush.More serious stains, try to remove the normal school eraser.After cleaning and drying, if necessary, treat suede shoes with a reducing agent and the color again let it dry.

Leather and suede winter boots have to be stored in cardboard boxes with ventilation holes.

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