By the beach season: drying body for girls

popular method of drying the body allows you to achieve a good result. The method is based on two basic rules:

  • body works properly only if it maintain a high level of metabolism;

  • during the day the body has to expend a lot more calories than you consume.

Drying Body for girls - is, first of all, a strict diet, which is based on easily assimilated protein.Decided to make your body fit and relief by drying the body must eliminate from the diet of dairy products and animal fats, as well as all the flour and sweet.

To provide a stable level of metabolism in the body stick to the basic rule of fractional power - Eat often, but little by little.

very useful for drying the body to be whole grains, cereals, nuts, pasta from wheat flour, pulses, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, milk, cottage cheese.In addition, daily should drink at least 2.5 liters of pure non-carbonated drinking water.

The basic rules of diet "drying body" for girls

1. In the 1st week of diet you have to gradually give up

the foods containing carbohydrates, limiting carbohydrate intake as a result of up to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

eat carbohydrates in the morning and evening give preference to products containing large amounts of protein. the first week of the diet is prohibited to use the fruit, there is only recommended foods containing fiber.First of all, whole-grain cereal with low glycemic index, such as buckwheat.

may be present in the diet of eggs (better to eat only protein), boiled chicken, squid fillet, cheese, boiled or baked white fish.Minimize consumption of oil, salt and spices.

2. On the 2-week diet, you can eat only 1 gram of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight, and to completely eliminate salt from your diet.Number of daily protein intake should be increased to 80%, the amount of fat consumed has remained at about 20%, carbohydrates - at least.

Eat boiled beef, chicken breast, seafood, fish, cheese, milk and yogurt, fresh vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes).Be sure to include in the diet of bran (1 tbsp. L. Daily).

3. In the third week of diet daily intake of carbohydrates turn down to 0.5 g per 1 kg of body weight.During this period, dizziness and odor of acetone on the skin or mouth. In this case, it is necessary to drink a little sweet juice. be careful with that little bag of juice has always been with you.

minimize water consumption, at the same time eat only fat and protein (skinless chicken breast, egg protein, low fat dairy products).Admission bran should be increased to 3 times a day, connecting the intake of multivitamins.

4. On the 4th week of diet you are given 2 options menu, you can eat as well as the 3rd week, or save power mode the 2nd week of the diet.Select one of the options, and strictly stick to it.

5. On the 5th week, you need to eat the same as on the 1st.At the end of the diet muscle definition is to be restored.

Drying the body for the girls - the rules and menus

Exercises for drying the body girls

strict diet for drying the body for women should be combined with the implementation of certain power exercises for body shaping, using weights (iron).The body does not work in this way during normal exercise, and in emergency mode. best option is a class in the gym with a good coach.

When you exercise for drying the body in the home, remember a few rules.

1. The whole set of exercises to be performed without a rest.It allowed a short break lasting no more than a minute.

2. Small worker with a lot of weight is the best approach.

3. Required cardio and aerobic exercise.The few visits should be carried out on a stationary bike and jogging on a treadmill (for example, 3 sets of 30 minutes).The Daily

should be morning exercises, swimming, jogging morning, rocking the press.These exercises to perform better in the morning or in the evening.

Dangers and contraindications

must be remembered that in the drying body girls lies a certain danger.Firstly, there is a strong likelihood that immediately after the diet you will begin actively to gain weight.Secondly, if you violate the training, all the efforts can go awry and result drying press - beautiful terrain - you can not see.Instead, the man faces constant feeling of hunger and exhausted appearance.Therefore, if you do decide to do drying the body, be very organized and mobilize their will and do not miss a single workout.

important to remember and contraindications, which has a drying body.For girls, these are pregnancy and lactation, diabetes, liver disease, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, large intelligent load.

Before starting the diet is advisable to consult a doctor.

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