How to seal the rubber boots: the right patches

fairly small pieces of glass, nail or pushpin usual, stale under the table, in order to bring rubber boots in complete disrepair.Unpleasant surprises exacerbated by the fact that the shoe repair shops rubber boots do not accept. not buy the new boots.Let's try to figure out how to glue rubber boots with his own hands.

It should be noted that the rubber boots as boots EVA seal is not so simple. Neutral shoe glue them not to take, and superglue spoil .We need a special glue.

fishing method

Search special rubber adhesive can be in the shops hunting and fishing orientation.The number of unsuccessful attempts to reduce to a minimum, if you know from what your "rubber" boots are made. for repair of PVC, polyurethane or EVA require quite different adhesives. Ask the seller right adhesive and follow the instructions on the package.As a rule, the same technology: sanding, degrease, glue patch.As

seal boots EVA, because they are porous?If you purchased a special glue for EVA, even you do not need the pat

ch.Carefully loosen the edge of the holes and apply the adhesive to the porous structure as absorbed.Then, align the edges and press.After repair of boots even look will be enough aesthetically pleasing.

method cyclist

proven way to safely seal the rubber boots - a bicycle repair kit. There are usually a few patches on the protective film, the special glue and sandpaper. Stick the patch rub sandpaper, an area slightly larger than the size of the patch.Then degrease it with acetone.

patched remove the film and on the resulting surface, apply the glue and cover with adhesive bonding place to boot.After 5-10 minutes, when the glue dries, firmly press the patch.

Use boots can be repaired almost immediately, they are completely sealed. One problem, look bicycle patches is not very aesthetically pleasing, therefore, suitable only for summer boots made of rubber.

method motorist

What to do if repairs need elegant ladies rubber boots?As boots EVA, it is better to stick with no overlay. Fill the hole in the colored and transparent rubber boots can be elastic adhesive sealant.

proven its sealant "crazy hands" brand ┬źDone Deal┬╗.Buy this can be in the shops for motorists.To get it right, you should not neglect the preparatory stage.After washing, thoroughly dry the shoes, degrease the acetone.On this depends the quality of gluing.

Again, to seal skin boots and rubber boots need different glue - keep in mind that for all of the skin material is not suitable.

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