Goji berries grow from seeds or seedlings

How to grow Goji berries at home

Grow these valuable human health benefits possible from seeds or seedlings.The easiest, of course, buy goji berries (especially since the price is quite reasonable), but if you want to include them in their steady diet, it is easier to acquire their own brush.

first option requires a fairly time-consuming.You must first remove the seeds from the dried berries. To simplify the problem, they are soaked in water and then separating it from the skins were washed, dried, and thrown into a special substrate - a mixture of gravel and sand. Such composition as close to the ground, wherein goji shrubs growing in nature.On top of the box with the sowing of cover film.

How to grow Goji berries at home from seed

studying the question of how to grow goji berries, pay attention to the fact that they require frequent watering and bright lighting.The room temperature should not fall below + 23-25 ​​° C.Her sudden changes may adversely affect the condition of the seedlings.

Once above ground shoots appear 3-4 cm tall

, transplant them into deep pots.Caught on bush will quickly gain height.When he stretches up to 30-40 cm, it can be moved to the open ground. Bloom goji begin until next season.A fruit - another 2-3 years.

How to grow Goji berries at home from seed

How to grow Goji berries at home from seed

How to grow Goji berries at home from seed

Perhaps you have a question, how to grow goji berries are not spending as much time to achieve results?Very simple.From cuttings.They should be cut from a healthy bush.For planting is sufficient that the length of the cutting was 10-15 cm. He put in a large pot and provide regular watering.

About a month will hurt the plant and take root.But after 20-30 days, it begins to steadily grow and flourish.At its discretion, you can leave the house or shrub planted in the ground.At the same time it will start to bear fruit in a couple of years.But under favorable weather conditions (warm, dry summers) even earlier.

Goji on gardening area

If you manage to dissolve goji, they will start to grow rapidly.Therefore right to choose shrubs suitable place so that it does not interfere with other plants.

From goji can make an excellent hedge.Also, these shrubs are planted large open spaces that you want to plant trees and shrubs.

Having learned all the wisdom of how to grow goji berries, do not forget that there are rules for their collection.As these fruits have a tender flesh and covered with a very fine sandpaper, then with manual gathering most of them will be crushed. Therefore, spread a piece of cloth under the bush and shake the branches of a bush.All ripe berries scree.

How to grow Goji berries at home from seed

ripe goji berries need to be dried.To do this, store the harvest in the house: it should not be exposed to the sun.

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interested in how to grow goji berries, do not worry about their adaptability.Russia climate they perceive good.Goji safely tolerate frosts, showers and even a sudden change in temperature.

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