Diplura in the house: what to do and how to get rid

diplura or earwigs ordinary

earwigs or kleschitsami called dvuhvostok - little brown insects with hard spikes at the end of the body is shaped like a spikes.

Most often, they are got in the basement of town houses and log saunas.But it happens that diplura appear in a city panel or brick house. main activity they exhibit at night, crawling out of the cracks in the floor and walls.Also habitat of these insects is well with humus areas with moist soil.

diplura multiply quickly.The female lays up to 70 eggs at a time.They eat a variety of plants and small insects, maggots, mites, millipedes, invertebrates, fungi and lichens.

Just want to reassure readers who diplura in the house are frequent visitors. These insects are not poisonous. But their bites are quite sensitive and can be scratched for a while.And they are always defensive.Do not touch diplura and it will not bite you. It is very important to explain this to children.

question of how to get rid of dvuhvostok, most owners are concerned gar

dens.Large colonies of these insects can cause significant damage to vegetable and fruit crops and ornamental plants. Earwigs and their larvae are actively eaten leaves, inflorescence and destroy the young shoots.

Diplura - how to get rid

Getting rid dvuhvostok country house

1. Clear the infield area of ​​the old, preyuschey foliage and hay piles of rotting wood.

2. Stop breeding dvuhvostok by deep digging of the soil.

3. Organize insect traps, spread out on beds wet newspapers and rags.At night, drench them with boiling water or burn in the oven.

4. While large insect invasions dvuhvostok manually harvested from plants and destroy.Then the shoots treated with strong infusion of garlic or onions.

5. In an extreme case of land can be carefully following the instructions, process chemicals "aktellik," "Fosbetsidom."

Getting rid dvuhvostok in an apartment or house

1. The main favorable conditions for reproduction dvuhvostok is high humidity in their shelter. If you remove the source of moisture in your home, the insects go away.

2. You can also treat the house "Malathion" or "dichlorvos".Proceed with caution.Especially carefully etch cellar and various cracks.Then close the room and leave it for 3-5 hours and then ventilate.

3. In the fight against diplura help small cockroaches and various gel agents.They should be applied every 3-5 days on the surface in places where the insects to their complete disappearance.

4. As a last resort for help, you can contact the health service.

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