Goji berries for weight loss: Recipes of the Chinese Nutrition

Tibetan goji berries as effective for weight loss due to several properties.

1. Goji berries improve metabolism, or, in other words, speed up metabolism, and it is precisely on the rate of metabolism in the body, as we know, in many respects it depends on the availability of extra kilos.

2. Goji berries for weight loss increases endurance.Through this exercise, including sports, transferred quite easily.In addition, these berries help to build muscle and burn body fat

3. Goji berries lowers blood cholesterol levels, which is important not only for weight loss, but also for the health of the whole organism.

4. Tibetan berries regulate blood sugar levels.

5. cleanses the body of toxins.

6. Goji berries effectively reduce appetite while taking half an hour before a meal.

7. goji berries for weight loss are a product of the so-called negative-calorie. That is, that the body could digest this product, it must spend more energy than it is with that same energy products received.

8. Goji berries have an impact on symptoms of excess weight, such as cellulite and sagging skin.

9. Finally, goji berries improve mood and effectively fight stress, and thus help to avoid psychological dependence on food and eating in the nervous system.

Goji berries for weight loss - Recipes of the Chinese Nutrition

goji berries for weight loss: how to make

Goji berries can be taken in dried form, in the form of juice or tea.The daily dose of dried berries for adults - 10-30 g Remember, goji berries are helpful and will help to lose weight only when they are used in the recommended doses. useful substances in large quantities can have the reverse effect and harm health.In addition, goji berries enough calories.It is recommended that for the first time to eat a few berries and then gradually increase the dose.

Goji berries can be used, for example, 20 minutes before a meal, and can be added to diet foods during a diet: in smoothies, porridge, muesli, salads, yoghurts.In general, goji berries have a pleasant sweet taste, so they can be added to any food, including cakes and desserts.Importantly, do not forget to save the recommended daily requirement.

Nutritionists also recommend drinking tea from goji berries. To prepare a tea, take 10 grams of berries and pour a glass of boiling water.When the drink infusions and cool down a bit, you can drink it.Although the Internet can find a lot of recipes with goji tea, and various other additives (herbs, lemon, etc.), it is better to use goji tea in its natural form, so it will bring maximum benefit.

addition to dried berries can be consumed goji juice.It is sold in specialized health food stores.The dosage is 30 ml of juice a day, need to take in the morning and / or lunch meals.

goji berries for weight loss: contraindications

Goji berries have a number of contraindications:

  • any cancer (including benign tumors);

  • allergic reactions to food;

  • pregnancy and lactation;

  • children up to 3 years.

also due to the high iron content of goji berries can cause the formation of calcifications in the kidneys and other organs.Therefore, before taking it recommended to consult a doctor.

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