Caring for the skin around the eyes: when to start?

around the eye skin is most delicate, in addition, constantly blinking (24 thousands of times during the day), we actively employ the zone around the eyes, which is why there appeared the first facial wrinkles.

Eye problems arise from the fact that at some point the eye muscles start to work asynchronously, in which case the first symptoms are reflected it on the skin around the eyes: eyelids often swell after 2-3 hours of active work on the computer or with papers.

When should you start caring for the skin around the eyes?

The sooner, the better.The French follow the problem areas of skin cleavage, the skin around the eye area and underarms since childhood.In Russia, as a rule, women are not so scrupulous in the past 30 seriously about skin care do not think.

best to start skin care age to 20 years and continues throughout life, but the care of the skin in 20 years and 35 years, are very different.

Care Eye 20-25 years

In 20 years, it is too early to apply the anti-aging agent, but 20-25

years - this is the age at which it's time to think about how to keep your skin beautiful.Unfortunately, the women and girls to forget that little smear skin creams, skin reflects overall health. all toxins is reflected on the skin.Therefore care with cream - it is only mandatory addition to the overall integrated approach.

Healthy Eating - grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables - ensures that the body of essential trace elements.If your eyes are getting the necessary vitamins A and D, iodine, and the skin around the eyes looks healthy. Exercise ensure normal blood circulation when the blood rushes to your head, exercises for the head, neck, and qigong exercises for eyes help remove traces of fatigue, stress and lack of sleep.As creams should use a cream with a simple structure containing no hormonal components and giurona.

How to care for the skin around the eye must change with age?

After 35 years, when the level of motor activity snizhet biorhythms and rebuilt, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, so you need to ensure that the skin around the eyes adequate moisture. Age creams contain complex structures which are not suitable for every skin type.Even if you know your skin type, to buy expensive anti-aging remedy serious for the area around the eyes is better, after consultation with the beautician.

In cold skin around the eyes protects foundation. strictly it is forbidden to use the winter means a water-based fluids for example.The hottest time is necessary to wear sunglasses and maintain a balance of sunlight on your face.

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