7 best equipment to save electricity

So you've decided it's time to start saving.What, actually, without compromising the health and appearance, you can save a few bucks?Of course, on power consumption.

Think for yourself how wasteful we often spend it not only on the lighting of premises, but also for heating and to ensure the work of numerous household appliances.To remedy the situation must first of all realize that waste burning light and talking to himself TV - is the release of the money to the wind.After understanding it, you need to think about ways to reduce electricity consumption.We present to your attention our list.

devices to save electricity


The device to save power

conversion and use of sunlight is one of the most effective alternative methods of obtaining energy.The use of solar panels in the home can significantly save on electricity consumption.

most simple - you can use a solar-powered lamps.Of course the most effective option to put a solar panel on the window, where with the help of the sun will be charged

a special battery, which can be further an outlet.But : install solar panels, battery and automate the system - an expensive pleasure.Additionally, the system does not allow utilities to implement wide use of solar panels in mnogokvartinyh homes.Therefore, this option is for you to save electricity, if you live in a private home.And important climate , where you live, if in the year a lot of overcast and rainy days, the use of solar panels is simply not rational.


The device to save power

now appeared on the market a lot of devices, energoekonomiteley example here such - Electricity Saving Box . They are inserted into the socket, and power consumption is reduced.The essence of these devices is quite simple: they work as bespereboynik, that is, to protect your network from overloads and surges.After all, at a differential voltage to waste a lot of electricity.In addition, it removes unnecessary energoekonomitel your network reactive energy that only overload the network and increases power consumption.

Advantages of this method - it is legal, unlike the magnets on the counter.And it is easy: the unit is small and not expensive.

Those who have already tried similar devices to save energy, they say that the benefits, though not huge, but quite palpable.In addition, when use increases the service life of various electrical appliances, since you basically protect them from burnout.

LED and e nergosberegayuschie lamp

The device to save power new generation of LED lamps consume far less energy than fluorescent, and the time to use them more.In addition, the LED has another distinct advantage - it produces coverage as close to natural daylight and the human eye does not tire as opposed to the usual us yellow light.Devices with LED lamps do not contain any harmful substances, they are absolutely harmless and safe.

But there is some complexity: many devices with LED lamps can not accommodate change the bulbs.So check it out in advance, otherwise after the lamp burns out, the lamp should be thrown out.

But with energy-saving lamps you can really save on electricity.They are quite expensive, an average of 150 rubles, but one energy saving light bulb can easily replace 30 conventional light bulbs, each of which is worth 25 rubles.So you at least save money.Plus, energy saving light bulbs burn brighter and consume less. principle of energy saving is that these bulbs do not heat up and almost consumed energy is spent only on the room lighting.The service life of high-quality energy-saving lamps can be up to 3 years.

So once splurge and put anywhere in the house energy-saving light bulbs - a good way to save energy.

sensors and timers off lighting

The device to save power These smart devices can solve the problem of waste burning light.The motion sensor can be installed on the porch of the house, in the hallway or in the hallway.This device is to save electricity will automatically respond to the approach of a person, closing the circuit and turning on the light.In the absence of movement in the zone of the device light will be extinguished.Sleep timer is programmed lighting for a certain time, and can respond to the presence or absence of daylight.

plus a lot, just minus the mounting structure.

Home tons ehnika Class A +

Saving on upgrading household appliances, you thereby increase your energy costs.The fact that the old appliances consume more electricity than modern equipment of class A, A +, A ++.

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