Chia seeds - new placebo for weight loss

What seeds are you?

as a dietary product chia seeds have been used recently, but before the general advertising of medicinal qualities of plants domestic consumer had the honor to meet him.Remember amusing figures chia pet-coated thin bright green grass?Yes, the raw material for the germination of souvenir marijuana seeds were healing!

In fact, the plant is called chia sage Spanish.Ancient Indians tribes Mayans and Aztecs used it extensively as a food and for medicinal purposes. It is because chia seeds rich in nutrients and amino acids and Indian War differed tireless in combat and hunters kept long passages of the sweltering heat.

Chia seeds for weight loss - in the search for truth

ispansky Sage (Salvia hispanica)

Dietary properties of chia seeds

Chia seeds are rich in oil (32-39%), fiber (25%) and protein (about 20%) andcompletely devoid of cholesterol. On the content of useful amino acids, they are ahead of such superpitatelnye foods like salmon roe, cod liver oil and olive oil. Another indisputable benefits of chia seeds to the ab

ove products is their complete hypoallergenic.Therefore, it is an excellent food supplement in the diet for anemia, hormonal disorders, diseases of the joints and blood-vascular system.Eating chia seeds reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer's disease.

second commendable scientists nutritionists component of chia seeds are antioxidants - substances that prevent premature aging and prevent the development of cancer.Available in a variety of seeds of chia antioxidants and their positive impact on the human body has been repeatedly confirmed by many research institutes in the US and Europe.

Chia seeds slimming

Suppliers chia seeds on our market promise to the consumer the effect of weight loss.Principle achieve this effect, according to them, is quite simple: swelling in the stomach chia seeds create a feeling of total saturation, as a consequence, people eat less and lose weight rapidly.

At first glance, everything is logical, but .... no official data confirming this effect, no. No clinical study could not confirm the claimed property.During the research group of patients with obesity consumed 50 grams of chia seed a day for two weeks.The effect of weight loss has not been achieved, despite the fact that the subjects did the sensation of hunger.

Everything is explained simply: fat-rich chia seeds - a product rather calorie (486 calories), so can easily replace a small cake eaten.Of course, they are helpful cake and can give you a boost of health and energy for the whole day.

If your goal - losing weight, getting healthy energy use for its intended purpose - go to the gym and cut the number of carbohydrates consumed, for the good old formula "spend more calories than you consume," has not been canceled. Eating chia seeds without the control diet and exercise, you can only rely on the healing power of auto-suggestion and the famous placebo effect.

In addition, buying seeds, did not hesitate to check the certification of the product.As a useful exotic products dishonest manufacturers can offer you a similar appearance to the chia seeds are absolutely useless for plant health.

So we can safely say that chia seeds - a product normalizing many of the internal processes and is uniquely useful for the organism. During weight loss miracle seeds can only play a supporting role to maintain the overall tone and well-being, but "miraculous pill" will never be. Good luck and faith in himself on the way to the ideal figure!

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