Video Tutorial 7: back

Before you begin any exercise program on your back, warm up: do a warm-up for the shoulder girdle, arm, knee joints.Do 15-30 squats.Great workout - jogging, jumping rope.Between sets, to relax, you can take short complexes stretching exercises or breathing.

Exercise №1.

Take bodibar, we put it on his shoulders.Getting perform leaned forward.Stand straight.Feet flat on the floor.Heels and toes are not torn off, pelvis retracted, flex strongly strongly back, bring together and start working shoulder blades tilt forward.3 sets of 10 repetitio


Exercise №2.

Starting position - cant slightly forward.Sag back, reduce the blade.Loins bent, hips back.And begins to work the back muscles up.Tightens bodibar to the lower abdomen, bend your elbows, bends backwards, reduce the shoulder blades together.3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise №3.

Feet shoulder width apart, hands - a narrow grip.We try not to bend the elbow.Tightens the shoulders up.Powered trapezoidal muscle.3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise №4.

accepted the position on the mat.Lie on your stomach.Hands under your chin.Raise the chest from the floor upstairs.Detained position.As for the one side of the elbow - was detained - the middle - the other side - were detained - the middle - starting at the bottom.3 sets of 4 reps.

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