Products with a negative-calorie: harmony and taste

in popular women's magazines can often find tips on losing weight and even entire diets which are based on eating foods with negative calories.According to the authors of these publications, the highly anticipated effect - weight loss - achievable due to the properties of certain foods trigger the body's calorie deficit.That is, after eating food with a negative calorie energy body not only does not accumulate, but rather consumed as after exercise. great, is not it?However, can we justify this hypothesis scientific arguments?

Negative calorie foods: myth or reality?

How can food intake to promote weight loss?Fans products with negative calorie properties explain their high energy consumption in the process of digestion. digesting these foods, the body spends not only the newly arrived, but already stocked calories, ie zadeystvuet reserves.We decided to find out products with a negative-calorie myth or reality.Is it possible from a scientific point of view?

Science says unequivocal "no." no product can cause digestion of its energy consumption more than its own caloric content.Most of the energy spent on the human protein digestion, but even in this case, the amount of energy consumed does not exceed 30-40% of the ingested calorie protein product.With carbohydrates and fats is still more sad - the first on the digestion takes only 4-7% of their calorie content, and the second - 5-10%.Notorious fiber, which is so rich in many products with negative calories and does not provoke energy consumption for its digestion, since in principle not digested.

Thus, it is impossible to hope that eating foods from a list of low-calorie can promote weight loss without dieting at the same time and sufficient exercise.But in conjunction with a properly balanced diet and regular workouts, these calorie and definitely rich in vitamins and trace products uniquely useful , so it is recommended to get acquainted with them all striving for harmony and health.

Foods with negative calories: List

So, your diet certainly not harm following Products minimal caloric:

  • garden and wild berries (blueberries, currants, blackberries, goji berries),
  • citrus,
  • Watermelon,
  • greens, especially such a culture as celery , caloric content of the leaves is almost zero,
  • fresh salad vegetables,
  • green tea,
  • spices of all kinds, which can successfully replace the salt with a diet,
  • cinnamonused as a sugar substitute.

Nutritionists warn that you should not get involved in much upotrebleniem these products. They can only supplement the diet consisting of more nutritious food. long low-calorie diet can cause serious health problems.Be reasonable in the way of a perfect figure!We wish you success and good health!

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