Video Tutorial 6: Stretching

Exercise №1.

wide riser socks look right.We lean forward, leading the pelvis back.Hands - the ears, parallel to the floor.Back ideally pryamaya.Zaderzhavshis several accounts in this poziii, transfer the body to the right, keep your back straight, back straight, portable body to the left, leaving the pelvis in place.Back straight.We descend to the bottom.Put your palms on the floor.The knees do not bend, circular climb back up.Repeat.We make two more approach.Adding tilts to the right and left leg.
Exercise №2.

Putting feet shoulder width apart.Prestressing press.Hands rise to the top.We lean to the left.The center of gravity can not stand, hold it well between the two legs.We grow up.Repeat the slope in the opposite direction.We do not hold your breath.We get down, relax your lower back.Round grow up back up and repeat the previous exercise again.
Exercise №3.

turn into a sitting position on the mat.Feet together, toes over, the party is going through his hands, breath, are
drawn forward.Knees tried to keep straight.Relaxes the back, gently grow up to the top.
Exercise №4.

In the sitting position, spreads his legs wide.Put your right hand on the left thigh and through the sides are drawn to the right leg.Turn around, lie down is now feeding.We grow up, change direction.Back-side rotary chest.We grow up.Change the pace.
Exercise №5.

Bend one leg at the knee.Putting his hand on the thigh of the bent leg opposite.We are drawn.We grow up.
Exercise №6.

Pulling both feet forward, socks away.We take a deep breath and are drawn forward.We try to put the elbow on the floor, trying to get a forehead or chin to knees, with his chest pressed against the thighs.Round back we grow up.Socks on, back straight, top of the head are drawn up at the ceiling.Back takes a deep breath and exhale down again top inhale and exhale down.

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