Brewer's yeast for weight gain: bodybuilders and skinny

Brewer's yeast for a weight set: useful properties

main quality of brewer's yeast to weight gain, which speaks in their favor - naturally.Indeed, yeast, unlike various synthetic food additives - the product is completely natural origin, and thus has on the safer effect.

This metabolic means, effectively applied at dysbacteriosis, diseases of the nervous system, disorders of protein, carbohydrate, mineral and vitamin metabolism. used in cosmetics for the treatment of acne and excessive skin oiliness.

The yeast useful bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts?

Athletes yeast often prescribed: to maintain the natural metabolic recuperation after strenuous exercise, improve health and strengthen the immune system.

especially interesting beer yeast athletes of power sports, because they are a great additional source of protein. And the content of essential amino acids (including BCAA) and B vitamins helps to increase not only physical, but also mental performance.Today gained popularity tablet brewer'

s yeast (sold in pharmacies as a dietary supplement), but as a source of protein, they are not as effective as liquid (live) brewer's yeast - they represent the most value for the athletes.

gain weight with brewer's yeast: it does not hurt?

If weight gain is important to remember a few things: its own body weight will not increase or will increase, but it will be fat.To gain weight evenly and slowly, just enough to be brewer's yeast for weight gain. yeast improves metabolic processes in the body, and hence your appetite too.To fats consumed with food, not piling up in the liver and digested, the body needs vitamin B7, and D. They also contain brewer's yeast.

Plus, it is important that there is no fluid retention, did not appear to swelling and congestion of lymph, together with yeast attend training to increase muscle rather than fat mass in order to avoid dullness and sagging skin. Do not forget to give your body a break for 2-3 days.Drink beer yeast necessary, until recruited at least 70% of the desired body weight.

desirable to first undergo consultation dietitian for the selection of the proper diet and nutrition.Do not forget that quickly help gain weight, brewer's yeast may only after identifying the causes of underweight.

Brewer's yeast help to gain weight or grow stout?

Needless stout brewer's yeast for a weight set will not allow.Their action is based on the reduction of the organism intoxication, normalization of metabolism and metabolic recovery without raising the level of cholesterol in blood. As a result: fat people lose weight and get better thin.

unexpected but pleasant "side effect" of brewer's yeast - improve hair condition.

How to receive?

As with any nutritional supplements, brewer's yeast take at least a month. eat in this period fractionally better, about 4-5 times a day. Do not get carried away with the salty, fatty, fried - salt and simple carbohydrates will lead to local fat accumulation and edema, and not to smooth the normalization of weight.Pay special attention to breakfast, it should be a full meal.Eat pure water at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg body weight.

for eating brewer's yeast for weight gain are available in different forms: tablets, flakes, powders (of all listed powder - the most effective form of ).It can be used as an independent dietary supplement and can be added to protein shakes and weight gainer, combining with creatine intake.

As mentioned earlier, brewer's yeast is produced in the form of supplements in liquid form.Supplements should be taken strictly according to instructions: usually it 1-2 tbsp.l.per day, or from 8 to 16 pills, depending on the concentration.From liquid yeast makes special drinks.

Side effects and contraindications

As practice shows, brewer's yeast have no side effects. In rare cases, skin reactions may occur: itching, hives. This is individual intolerance to the drug.Also, when there is intolerance bloating.Of course, these symptoms use the drug must be stopped immediately.

wary brewer's yeast should be people with severely impaired kidney function, gout, pregnancy and lactation.Note: due to the high content of phosphorus drug is not recommended to receive people suffering from osteoporosis. Make sure that the diet is enough calcium if you are taking brewer's yeast in large quantities.

while taking brewer's yeast refrain from the use of diuretics, oral contraceptives and alcohol, as they reduce the level of vitamin B1.It is worth to supplement with meals that contain magnesium or corresponding drugs - this element is actively involved in metabolic processes, as well as reduces the load on the heart.

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