Lip Pencil: Draw perfect sponge

When selecting lip pencil should focus on quality and on a part of the lead parts.Vitamins C and E, as well as plant extracts (eg, aloe vera) are responsible for the food delicate skin of the lips.Castor, palm, coconut and oil protect lips from drying and soften the skin.Part of the wax pencil ensure durability and softness drawn pencil lines.

remaining selection criteria, such as the casing of wood or plastic, the thickness and color of slate, mechanically or twist the ordinary pencil - a matter of taste.

Pupa, True Lips.Manufacturer: Italy

Average Price: 250 rub.

Soft pencil with applicator latex for shading.Ideal for sensitive skin of the lips, as in the present composition pencil dermosovmestimye pigments and antioxidants that protect the skin.The pencil has a creamy texture and gives your lips a haze.Well kept and prevent the spreading of lipstick. not contain elements of animal and mineral oils.

L'Oreal, Contour Parfait.Manufacturer: France

Average price: 350r.

melting texture allows to draw a perfect line contour of the lips for a beautiful and proper makeup .Pencil is easy to sharpen.In its composition contains complex of active ingredients and nourishing oils.Resistant coating result.

Givenchy, Waterproof Lip Liner pencil.Manufacturer: France

Average price: 1000r.

contour lip pencil has a pleasant creamy texture.Its composition is enriched with vitamin E, vegetable oils and waxes that nourish and soften the lips and protect the skin from aging.It does not contain wax or preservatives.In pencil waterproof formula, so to remove it from the lips need a tool to make-up remover Waterproof.The set comes with a pencil sharpener.

Dior, Contour Lipliner pencil.Manufacturer: France

Average price: 1000r.

Soft and creamy texture provides a clear and smooth line drawing.It has good resistance, and does not scratch the lips.Complete with a pencil sharpener is and brush of natural cloth, with which you can easily adjust the brightness of the color, shade border or to apply lipstick.

Chanel Lip pencil.Manufacturer: France

Average price: 1300r.

soft and moisturizing application by a member of the pencil of vitamin E and chamomile extract.Pencil proof enough, so a long time kept on the lips.The complete set includes a brush for shading and sharpener.

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