How fast to lose weight after New Year feasts?

Only a few lucky women can boast the ability to eat and not gain weight.Insidious kilograms lurk in every extra sandwich or candy to tea.But the festive week marathon meal - is a real test for the figure, and not all of his stand with honor.To the middle of January your figure does not turn into a pumpkin, it's time to tie with Olivier eating and lose weight after New Year feasts.

course, you can go to the gym, and under the guidance of a coach to start punishing yourself for being too intemperance in eating.But someone has no power, someone time someone simply podlhodit.And if you download the press do not permit a health problem?Fast diet and fasting days - this is what you need.By the way, it is better to carry out, even if you are not firmed over the New Year holidays.The fact is that during these two weeks, you are sure to have eaten so many fat, sweet, salty and harmful that your stomach is about to falter.

protein diet after the holidays

One of the most effective diets that b

ring quick results - a protein diet.Athletes know it as «Drying» , and is used before the competition with a view to quickly and effectively minimize weight category.This mode allows the power to expel from the body of excess water, to give relief available to muscles, and as a whole will quickly lose weight after the holidays.

As is clear from the title, the main component of your diet will make up proteins.Most of all - animal origin.But do not forget about the fruits and cereals.The most common products is:

  • chicken breast;
  • cheese;
  • eggs (basically just egg whites);
  • dairy products with a fat content of up to 2.5%;
  • lean beef;
  • lean fish;
  • buckwheat;
  • brown rice.

course, meat and fish is cooked in the oven or steamed, limit the use of oil, salt, products with fast carbohydrates - bread, pastry, sugar and chocolate.The size portions are no restrictions, but still worth eating fractional little.It seems that with such a small set of products and starvation diet will be difficult, but it is not.Besides the usual boiled buckwheat with boiled chicken also can be cooked various combinations of dishes.Curd cheese cakes make great diet, if you add a little semolina and egg.Since brown rice can be cooked meatballs and zrazy.The meat is easy to prepare on the grill.You can even fry the chicken in the pan, using a very small amount of oil.Do not forget to drink 1.5 liters of clean water a day green tea.But the coffee is to refuse, as he holds the fluid in the body.In any case, such a low-calorie diet gives good results even without physical exertion.

Fruit fasting days

For a couple of weeks of this power can not only lose weight after New Year feasts, but also good to clean the bowel.

The essence of this diet is very simple: you eat only fruit.No meat, no cereals, dairy products or eggs.Only fresh or dried fruit, vegetables and water.Salted and pickled vegetables are also not allowed, as they provoke swelling.It is desirable to exclude from the list of fruits bananas and grapes, as containing a large amount of sugar.Fruit can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but at one time it is better not to mix more than 2 species.To improve the chair can use a simple recipe: dried apricots and prunes are washed, pour boiled water, in a thermos for several hours.Then twist in a meat grinder, put in a jar and put them in the refrigerator.Take on an empty stomach for a couple of art.l., washed down with water.Dried fruits rich in potassium, which also would be beneficial for the heart.

Egg Diet

Classic version egg diet for 4 weeks is strictly regulated meals, we also consider a shorter version specifically for weight loss after the new year.Only a week - and you can lose at least 3 kilograms!

As you have probably guessed, the main product is an egg.The day should eat 6 pieces.If a number of scares, sometimes they can be replaced by 400 grams of lean beef, chicken breast, or 250 grams of lean fish fillets.In each of the 7 days diet breakfast consists of a one and the same: 2 hard-boiled chicken eggs and one grapefruit.However, it can be replaced by a large orange.Daily meal begins with 2 eggs, but with the method of preparation, you can experiment bake without oil, for example.In addition to the eggs, you can eat tomatoes, grapefruit, or a portion of spinach.Permission is granted to black coffee without sugar or herbal tea.For dinner, in addition to already announced 2 eggs you can eat a salad or a small piece of boiled chicken or a salad of fresh vegetables with lean meat.During the diet you can drink only non-carbonated pure water, black coffee without sugar and herbal teas.

When malaise any of the diet should be stopped immediately.

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