Diet speaker Simeonsa: How to achieve the ideal weight?

Every woman at least once in their lives tried to lose weight through diet.However, this experience is often unsuccessful - or diet does not work, or has helped, but the weight came back after a couple of weeks.Since there are a whole lot of diets to choose an effective method becomes quite challenging, so today we'll tell you about a new and truly effective way.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this weight loss method was developed physician - endocrinologist , and to date is too costly to be available to anyone.Fortunately, the research brought this technique to a new level, and now anyone can finally get rid of the extra kilos.

What is the secret of the diet Simeonsa?

Dr. Albert Simeons - British physician fact that in the 50s of the 20th century British physician - Dr. Simeons found the same universal formula of weight loss, which will work on every person without exception me.And he was able to do this thanks to their discoveries.

Firstly, he found out that the human body there are 3 types of fat .These types can be divided into "bad" and "good" fat.By "bad" fat include those most unloved us fat on the thighs, abdomen, legs, arms, etc., while the "good" fat is located between the internal organs, muscles and around the skeleton, supporting and protecting them.In most diets, the body burns first of all the "good" fat, and that is why, even if the person is on a diet, it does not lose weight in the most problematic areas of the body, but on the contrary, starts to lose muscle mass and a "good" fat becausewhich it looks painful and tired.Furthermore, even throwing off any kilogram, he often does not decrease in volume of the abdomen or thighs.

All because the body burns a "good" fat, without affecting the "bad" fat that is in the problem areas.

second discovery doctor Simeonsa was the influence of a substance called HCG in the process of losing weight. Under normal circumstances, the body treats the fat in problem areas as a backup power source in the "black" day and try not to spend it until that day comes.However, the doctor found that HCG signals the body to use and process the "bad" fat for energy .HCG - a hormone that is produced in the body of a pregnant woman in huge quantities at all during pregnancy, which is why, being in the body, it causes the body to spend all their reserves to provide the body with essential substances growing up without harming the mother.It is for such a case the body and protects the "bad" fats.Therefore, as soon as the body gets hCG, even in amounts many times less than produced during pregnancy, it is, subject to very precise diet begins to consume the fat from problem areas.Moreover, so that a person loses an average of 500 grams per day , and not just weight, but it fat from the thighs, legs or abdomen. And this is precisely what is needed most dieters!

also that the substance worked and gave the best possible trigger weight, you need to follow a special diet. Dr. Simeons 15 years in clinical research, and managed to make the menu , which will promote weight loss.The menu itself is very accurate and it is necessary to strictly adhere to, because any deviation can cause a delay in lowering weight for a few days.

  • Interestingly, at the time Dr. Simeons HCG hormone injections did, it was very costly, but these days have found different ways to replace the hormone itself to similar and safer substances.For example, using bio-resonance method, it is possible to transfer signal hCG conventional sugar substitute granules which, once in the body will act as hCG - to signal the body to burn "bad" fats, while not having the hormone itself in its composition.This makes the procedure safe, because a person gets only a sweetener instead of hormone pellets, and affordable, as is much easier to transfer energy-informative for pellets sweetener than get HCG hormone from the placenta of a pregnant woman.

Length diet is 40 days , but you can also make and shortened version in 23 days .After this stage is the stabilization of 3 weeks, which helps secure your new weight for years to come.However, still need to monitor their diet to remain forever in the new weight.

«Dr. Simeonsa Diet, unlike other diets, aimed at balancing the metabolism, as well as on its incentives.After the process of diet we have a well-functioning metabolism, but at the same time we must continue to eat right and do even the most minimal of sports activities - it now knows any reasonable consumer » - says Anat Stern, chief consultant on diet doctorSimeonsa , working in the Estonian company, offering advice on the process of diet in Europe and Russia.

Photos Anat and Alexander Stern before and after diet doctor Simeonsa

Diet doctor simeonsa before and after

According to the testimony of people who passed the process of losing weight, she even helped some to get rid of serious diseases- for example, many diabetics almost recovered after threw off the excess weight.

If you have any interest or questions about diet doctor Simeonsa, you can read more about it and talk to the chief consultant on diet, Anat Stern online diet doctor Simeonsa .

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