Video Tutorial 9: back and press

Before you begin any exercise program on a back-press, heat: do a warm-up for the shoulder girdle, arm, knee joints.Do 15-30 squats.Great workout - jogging, jumping rope.

Exercise №1. Spina.Go to the position of lying on his stomach.Hands behind your head, elbows to the sides, feet on the floor.Torn off the chest off the floor.We do 3 sets of 8 reps .

Exercise №2 .We remain in the prone position.We translate palms on his head.Elbow in the side.And we begin to unfold in the direction of the hand, lifting the chest off the floor.We do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise №3. remain in the prone position.Direct hands pull ahead.The thumb looks at the ceiling, fingers stretch directness.Leaving the floor with the arms chest and legs up.And rise upward at the same time the right arm and left leg - change.We do 16 reps, and go back to the starting position We try during exercise do not put the chest to the floor.The back is the most annoying.Make another 2 approach.

Exercise №4. Press.Starting position - sitting on the floor.Handles put back.Torn off his feet from the floor, climb up, bend at the knees, keeping the right angle.And we start to work: drop-down, pull the legs forward, the body is lowered slightly back, elbows - spring.We do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Exercise №5. pass in the supine position.Reserve one arm stretched along the body, the other arm straighten and put over his head.We prepared for the opposite leg.We are working diagonally upward.Direct foot touches the straight arm.We do not rely on his elbow.Press tense.We do 5 reps on one leg - change - and 5 reps on the other.Make another 2 approach.

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