Video Tutorial 11: Flexible strength

Before you begin any exercise program "flexible strength" warm up: do a warm-up for the shoulder girdle, arm, knee joints.Do 15-30 squats.Great workout - jogging, jumping rope.

Exercise №1. Starting position - standing on the right leg, left, straight, slightly raised rear.Back straight.We reported the press and back and only work left leg - raise it back high.Buttocks muscles tense work.Keeping the balance.Did 8 repetitions and changed the pace.

Exercise №2 . Put your feet in a wide stance.Socks and knees looking apart, back straight, top of the head are drawn up at the ceiling.4 On the slow start to work up and down.We do 8 reps.On the last repetition fix the position of the bottom, making three springs.Make another 8 reps (three springs).

repeat complex of two exercises two more times.The second exercise can be complicated by the use of additional weighting (bodibar, dumbbells) or position changes hands (eg., Two straight arms above his head, stretched at 90 degrees hands, and so on. D.)

between the approaches to relax, take shortcomplexes stretching exercises and breathing.

Exercise №3. Starting position - standing on the left leg.Right leg up, hand in hand.And slowly move into position swallow.We are drawn back foot.Body and leg form a straight line.Keeping the balance.Press tense.Leg stretches back - top forward.Hold for 30 seconds.Change the pace.And additional 30 seconds of static voltage.And repeat this exercise again.

Exercise №4. Starting position - standing on the left leg.Right leg bent at the knee, lift up.Pulling his hands to the ceiling, straining abdominal muscles.We lean to the left.We straighten the leg.I line the right part of the body contains exactly.Detained static position by 8 accounts.Changed leg.

Exercise №5. hands raise to his ears.Putting together the feet, calves and knees.Back straight.The pelvis is retracted.Sit down.Detained static position by 8 accounts.

repeat complex of two exercises two more times.

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