Video Tutorial 4: legs and press

  • Many girls are the main problem areas "ears" on the thighs and abdomen, as these areas are very difficult to give in compensation.But a properly fitted training will help to align the line of the hips, calf pump and tighten lower abs.Regular exercise will help you to bring the body in shape, and a dream to buy a new dress in slinky become a reality!
  • When you exercise on the press the main thing - it is proper breathing.Remember, exhalation should occur at the culmination of muscle tension, t. E. To lift the hull.
  • American scientists have shown that helps maintain a flat stomach mineral selenium.It also helps in the fight against cancer.Selenium is found in whole grains, nuts (especially Brazil), red meat and seafood.If you can not get enough selenium from food, you can take supplements that contain this magic mineral.
  • To avoid sagging skin on the abdomen, used a very simple and quick homemade mask, but rather compress.You will need: 2 tbsp.tablespoons dried nettle and a glass of water.Boil all 1
    0 minutes, then let broth to cool to room temperature.Make a compress of cotton or gauze, shook her waist with cling film.Hold 30 minutes.
  • Singer Anita Tsoi entire life struggling with obesity.One day before the shooting of a new clip she had skinut 10 kg per month.The singer decided to join their friends and fans and tweeted a call to lose weight together.Every day she lays out the menu and training course.By the end of the month, not only lost weight, Anita, but many of her fans.Think you may unite with my friends or, conversely, to complete strangers in social networks together and lose weight?In this case, support is very important!

Exercise №1.Squatting on one leg.Three sets of 6 reps.
bends one leg back, put her on the bench (bed, dresser, etc.).The leg that front, is at a distance from the shops, so that when bending the knees was observed angle of 90 degrees.
between the approaches to relax, you can take short complexes stretching exercises (back, legs, shoulders, etc.) or breathing.
Exercise №2.Squatting in a wide stance (you can use bodibar)
Put legs wide, toes and knees facing the diagonol.Crouching press and hold the back toes, top looking up.At the eighth through detain static position, hold 8-16 accounts.

On the second approach, the bottom position add three "springs".In the third approach, repetitive movements of the first approach.In the final analysis, do not forget to hold a static position!

Exercise №3.Press
position - lying on his back.The thumb behind the ears, elbows to the side, between the chest and chin length in a fist.

Make three "springs" at the top and twist in the diagonal.
repeat this set of 8 times.Total - 3 sets.Between sets, to relax, you can take short complexes stretching exercises (back, legs, shoulders, etc.) or breathing.
Exercise №4.Planck
Put the elbow under the shoulder and check the angle of 90 degrees.Go to the posture strap through the knees, to avoid overloading the lower back.Press tense.We stand parallel to the floor: do not sag down and lift your pelvis up.The retention time of the pose for 30 seconds.With the improvement of your physical training, be sure to increase the residence time in the static position "strips".Relax and repeat.Try to alternate the "bar" with elbows and "bar" on the straight hands.
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