Top Argentine series: TOP 5

Argentina - not only the birthplace of one of the most passionate and sexy dance - Argentine Tango.This country has given us what the Russian audience was lacking in the gray everyday life late 20th century - the fateful passion in the background tanned bodies and the noise of the surf.I sincerely empathize heroes of the series, millions of Russian women (and men, too obscure) look sat the evening before the TV screen, to once again plunge into the whirlpool of unusual, beautiful names, fatal beauties with languid eyes, tanned men with manly cheek bones and tearing the soul raging passions.

best Argentine series, we are still willing to revise again and again, only to be transferred once more in this beautiful fairy-tale life.

«Wild Angel» (1998-1999)

Best Argentine soap operas, which are worth seeing - the top 5 One of the best Argentinean series with inimitable Natalia Oreiro in the title role.Milagros, soon lost his mother, grew up a tomboy, arrogant brave girl.One day, she got a job in a rich house, where she caught up with new and powerful for her feeli

ng - love.But for the love of the need to compete, as a servant - not a couple Ivo rich, master of the house, and their love must go through many trials.

Music from this Argentine series by Natalia Oreiro is still popular not only give birth to the series, but also throughout the world.

«Rich and Famous» (1997-1998)

Best Argentine soap operas, which are worth seeing - the top 5 But even before Natalia Oreiro Russian audience saw a duet with Diego Ramos in the series "Rich and Famous": a chance encounter the main characters, which took place during the collision of cars growsa large and strong love.And this love is trying to prevent the heroine's best friend, who sees himself in her place

Modern Romeo and Juliet have to go through many obstacles and trials to be together.

«Black pearl» (1994-1995)

Best Argentine soap operas, which are worth seeing - the top 5 Who would not fall in love with Andrea del Boca, luxurious beauty with sensual lips?Russian viewers fell in love, and therefore highly praised the Argentine series of the black pearl - a girl named Pearl, who have borne many trials.

lost the best friend and the remaining one with a baby girlfriend Pearl will have a really hard time, but the Argentine series ends well, and the Pearl finds happiness.

«A girl named Destiny" (1994)

Best Argentine soap operas, which are worth seeing - the top 5 Whirlwind incredible and fatal events picked up by the heroine Mary Grecia Kalmenares, as a child, when she was orphaned, took on the upbringing of their friends.Soon they have a daughter of their own, and girls grow sisters, but at one crucial moment in their life appears a man in whom they both fall in love, and destroys their friendship.

Then follow marriages against their will, the appearance of the children who were later reversed.Daughter Mary taken with a roving performers - life is difficult to imagine, but in the Argentine series, everything is possible.

«Antonella" (1991)

Best Argentine soap operas, which are worth seeing - the top 5 Another Argentine series, in which the viewer can contemplate the wonderful Andrea del Boca in a duet with handsome Gustavo Bermudez.This is the story simple girl Antonella, who lost her sister, who is a victim of evil games business, and is on the path of revenge.

But the path of revenge - it is also the way of love, all in the Argentine soap operas often love and death go hand in hand.

If the whirlwind of passion you're a little tired, look Russian classics - good movies about Christmas miracles.

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