Latin American soap operas: the list of best

« Slave Izaura » (Brazil, 1976)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best Luseliya Santos, the game is just a slave, an orphan, who thanks to the kindness of his mistress received a good education and training, he won the hearts of viewers.

This is a story about the hard life of slaves in Latin America, about love and hatred, envy, and virtue, and how difficult it is sometimes to preserve their dignity and survive all adversities, destined to a poor but strong in spirit girl.

« rich also cry » (Mexico, 1979)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best Through the television Moscow believed the tears - and how can we not believe it when before your eyes boil such passion?

This Latin American series introduced us to Veronica Castro, whose heroine Marianne overcome many sufferings: the loss of his father, the machinations of her stepmother, the loss and the long search for his son, adoption girls from the orphanage and the difficulty of finding their love.

« Nobody but you » (Mexico, 1985)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best lost her husband after the wedding, Rachel faced with be

trayal, intrigues greedy people, fraud and other ills.But sometimes gone back, but a real honesty and generosity do not give up under the weight of serious upheavals.

Like all Latin American soap operas, it is full of dramatic events that fateful twists of fate and incredible coincidences

« Wild Rose » (Mexico, 1987)

"& gt; Latin American soap operas - a list of the bestThe heroine of the Latin American TV series - a girl named Rose. She's a little weird, uneducated, hot-tempered, ill-mannered, and prefers the company of yard boys education and training.

But fate brings Rosa Ricardo, the young owner of the house where Rosa brought her obnoxious characterand the desire to eat stolen plums. life carefree tomboy is changing dramatically.

« My second mom » (Mexico, 1989)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best Daniela experiencing a break with her husband, who was a vile impostorand a criminal, and Juan Antonio suffers from the loss of his wife, whose death left him in the mountain with a small daughter in her arms.They occur during the cruise, where everyone wants to find peace, and find the love that erupted between the tired and unhappy people with unprecedented force

But the road to happiness any hero of the Latin American series thorny.The daughter of Juan Antonio does not want to take her stepmother, but she tries her best to be a girl near and dear man.

« Simply Maria » (Mexico, 1989)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best This is one of the most popular in our country Latin American serials.In search of work, which will be her and her family, a naive country girl Mary is coming to the big city, where fate brings her with Juan Carlos.In between flashes love, but Juan Carlos is unable to resist the pressure of his wealthy family and throws pregnant Mary.Deceived Maria hardened and depressed, her heart was closed.

Years later Marie became famous fashion designer, and her son is a student at the prestigious university.There he meets Laura, a good and a good girl, and they fall in love.What a shock for Maria and Jose Ignacio to learn that Laura comes from the same family, who betrayed and abandoned Mary and her son many years ago!

« Wild Angel » (Argentina, 1998)

Latin American soap operas - a list of the best «Wild Angel" - one of the last publicly favorite Latin American serials .His heroine Milagros - orphan, brave and self-confident woman, gets a job as a maid in a rich house.There she meets Ivo, the owner of the house, and it takes possession of the previously unknown beautiful and strong feeling - love.

characters love each other, but the difference in social status, as well as envious enemies and create for them a problem after another, and they will have to overcome many obstacles to be together.

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