List things that you definitely will not be allowed on the plane

What you can not carry any baggage or in the cabin

  • Any kind of weapons (pistols, submachine guns, including pneumatic, electric shocks, and so on. D.), As well as its imitation, ie souvenirs or childrentoys that are easy to confuse with the present.This includes any object that can be used as a weapon.
  • explosives, acids, poisons (including mercury and brake fluid), solvents, gunpowder, ammunition, fireworks (including firecrackers and sparklers), powerful magnets and so on. N.
  • Any gases, including can not take the plane gas cartridges.
  • radioactive, toxic substances, and substances that can easily catch fire (gasoline, acetone, and so on. D.).
  • Medicines from the banned list .

What can not be carried in the cabin, but you can in the luggage

  • piercing and cutting items: household and hunting knives, nail clippers and nail files, combs with sharp teeth, corkscrews, needles, needles and so on. N.
  • can not take in the cabin various liquid containers in a hundred milliliters, including sham
    poos, lotions, shaving cream and the like.You can take a small jar of all necessary, if their total amount does not exceed a liter.They must be packed in a transparent bag (usually these can be taken at the airport).Exception - dietetic food and necessary medication in flight.

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One passenger may carry in your hand luggage one lighter and one thermometer in the case.The luggage can be carried not more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages, if you purchased liquor at the airport, during the flight can not open it.

Transport Regulations animals in a plane different from each other for different airlines, but usually into the cabin can take only a small pet in the cell, wherein the total weight with the animal does not exceed 80 kg.

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