Holidays in the fall: where to go in the fall tour?

In such cases, especially geography knowledge comes in handy, but if you skip class and the globe did not cause you eager to study it, do not worry.Praise be to the Internet, you always have the option to view information about a particular country.Of course, not immediately decide how you want to spend your vacation, to decide, where to rest in the fall.

Beach and swimming

Let's say you decide to go in the fall abroad, enough to nakupatsya and sunbathe on the beach.Then you know it is important, what is the temperature of the water in the country you have selected for your holiday in the autumn.The fact that the bright sun can shine in the country all year round, but the water can not be too suitable for swimming.However, if you "walrus" and used to bathe in the hole, then it is your option.

Rest in autumn for those who can not stand the heat.Indeed, in some countries, the fall of the heat becomes not so ruthless, and the water temperature allows you to swim in the sea.The most

popular destinations - Turkey and Egypt .But at the moment these countries are not too calm political environment, so go there should only be a last resort.If you do not want to risk it for the rest this autumn not select the country.

Where to go for a vacation in the fall , if you like the heat?One way to extend the summer on the beach and soak up the rays of bright sunshine - a trip to Thailand .In Thailand you can explore ancient Buddhist temples and royal palaces.Also in Thailand, you can enjoy plenty of seafood cuisine and unwind with the help of various procedures in the SPA-salons - they are many in Thailand.

Holidays in the fall: where to go in autumn tour

Leisure suit in September Cyprus, famous not only beaches, but for its attractions and entertainment.If you want a lot of swimming and a good tan, Cyprus is waiting for you. Greece also will give you a bathing season until the end of September.Prior to October you can fly to Tunisia , autumn where tourists can get significant discounts on accommodation.

If you are attracted by heat and not enticing tours, go to Maldives or the Seychelles, visit Sri Lanka. Just remember that there you can catch Showers.But the heat and warm water will delight you.


If you like to learn new things and plan to vacation in the fall , then choose tours. You can go on a tour of Europe: to eat sausages and drink beer in Germany, snack croissant, admiring the Eiffel Tower, and swim through Venice in a gondola.In Germany, Berlin is worth a visit: walk around the Reichstag, visit the zoo, to stand in the place where previously was the Berlin Wall.You certainly impress stunning narrow cobbled streets and boat trip on the River Spree, which allows to see the sights of the city.

Holidays in the fall: where to go in autumn tour

Paris - a world capital of culture and focus attractions: the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the legendary Notre Dame and others.

If you are a fan of mystery, the answer to the question «By have yes go to rest in the fall? » you can count found: go to Romania.Here you can hear the legend of Count Dracula and visit the medieval castles.

do not have time for the September "velvet season"?No problem!We offer you a few places to the October holiday.

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