Light spring movies

«Breakfast at Tiffany»

Light spring films - Breakfast at Tiffany

«Breakfast at Tiffany» - American movie filmed in 1961 by director Blake Edwards on the product of Truman Capote.Starring: Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard.

This is the story of two lonely people living in the city. Despite the fact that the film was created in the 60s.XX century., It is an incredibly modern. in full of life New York City, including money, profitable relationships and dubious acquaintances man and a woman meet each other, to love and be happy.

spring Similar movies can be reviewed many times, enjoying the beauty of the main characters, music and, of course, happy, romantic finale.

«My best friend»

Light spring films - My best friend

«My best friend» - one of those movies that are nice to see in the spring.This romantic comedy was filmed in 2006 by French director Patrice Leconte.Starring Daniel Auteuil and Dany Boon.

This is a story about true friendship, how for her people willing to change themselves and their lives.About friendship that knows no barriers, for whic

h the money is not important, class restrictions and social conventions.

«Waiting for a miracle»

Light spring films - Waiting for a miracle

«Waiting for a miracle» - Russian film director Yevgeny 2007 Bedareva.Starring Catherine Kopanova Anton Makarska, Nina Ruslanova, Tatyana Vasilyeva.

him, no doubt, can be attributed to the spring films. This story about kindness, friendship and love. incredibly life-affirming film.It tells about a girl who through faith in his dream achieves likely to aspire to.Cinema is full of optimism, there are many funny episodes.


Light spring films -Blef

«Bluff» - brilliant comedy in 1976 by Italian director Sergio Corbucci.Starring Adriano Celentano and Anthony Quinn.

The characters of this film, despite the fact that they are incorrigible crooks and thieves, you can learn a lot.For example, never lose heart, to find a way out of any, even the most hopeless situation, laugh at themselves and, of course, love life, with all its vicissitudes.Films such as "bluff", it is better to see the spring in rainy weather.

«Naked Truth»

Light spring films - The Naked Truth

«Naked Truth» - American sparkling romantic comedy 2009 Director Robert Luketi, starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

This film is not intended to be a high intellectualism.But you definitely overstrain their bellies with laughter. This is a story about how different men and women , but their life is not possible without the other.

«I walk across Moscow»

Light spring films - I Walk Around Moscow

can not leave my movies without the spring 1963 cinematic masterpiece George Danelia "I Step Through Moscow".Starring Nikita Mikhalkov, Alexei Loktev, Eugene stems, Galina Polish.

In this comedy directed by glorifies youth, friendship, love.Despite its lightness, it is a film from the category of those who changing world. It touches serious topics, such as betrayal, jealousy, honesty, loyalty friends.

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