We continue to have a rest: where to go in October?

If you decide to spend your vacation in the fall not in Russia, we will help you to determine the place of rest.

First, you should decide what kind of tour you need: excursion, extreme or the beach, or perhaps you are interested in shopping, soccer or gastronomy.Also on the choice of the place and the impact with whom you go: with a friend, child or husband.

Where to go in October?

For with children best suited resorts Turkey (in the second half of October, however, there begins to be cold - choose hotels with internal heated pools), Cyprus (there are a lot of animators at allA children's room, the nurse), Thailand (you can easily find a babysitter for your child, and the nature there is very beautiful).Sightseeing tours in Europe will tire the kids, especially since they are not yet able to assess the architectural style of the piquant charm of Prague or Amsterdam., But for those traveling alone, is almost ideal.

lovers relaxing holiday, harmoniously combines re

laxation in a spa, sightseeing, gastronomic delights and excellent shopping, is perfectly suited Italy .

soccer fans can visit Spain or Portugal , and fans intellectual pastime - London.

We continue to have a rest - where to go in October

Beach vacation

best beach vacation offers Morocco, Portugal (Madeira), Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, and the constant favorite of all "beachgoers"- Resorts Indonesia, Bali, India, Thailand, Mexico, and the Maldives, Cuba, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.This is the best youth rest: the day you relax on the beach, in the evening in the spa and kutite night in local clubs.Only by studying the specific geographical features of the resort, for example, mainland Thailand in October is peaceful and friendly, but the islands can be quite strong typhoons and rains.

also beach lovers will be interesting holiday in UAE. older people will enjoy the island Hainan in the South China Sea: The resort city of Sanya they can find excellent service, beautiful and diverse nature, interesting excursions and delicious food.The island has many medical institutions and salons massage, acupuncture and spa treatments.

We continue to have a rest - where to go in October

Europe and Asia

Where to go in October, fans excursions? course, in Europe : tour operators offer a variety of tours through Spain, Austria, Portugal and other countries, as well as cruise boat tours.

fans «wild" extreme holiday autumn 2013, we encourage you to choose one of the following routes: those who love Asia, can pass on India ( Goa , Kashmir), Thailand (from there you can go to the next location of the country: Cambodia , Malaysia, Hainan Island).Those who prefer Europe can enjoy travel through several European countries (for that is well suited single tickets, valid for the Schengen zone and airline loukostery), for example, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Spain, Portugal.If you do not like package tour programs, I love meeting new people, speak good English and have a Schengen visa, such evrotrip is the perfect vacation for you and your friends.

But fans skiing relax autumn Austria: Glacier "Sölden" is available year-round.Lots of interesting trails of varying length and complexity, combined with a truly European level of service will make your autumn-winter wonderland unforgettable.

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