Top 10 best films about love, to cry

«Titanic», 1997

The film is about love to cry - Top 10

Hardly even find someone who has not seen this great film.Even people who do not let at least one tear when browsing, you can count on one hand.Even after 15 years of reruns in theaters in 3D halls were overcrowded.And the people watching it for the umpteenth time, again left the session in tears.

This masterpiece by James Cameron tells the love story of Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), unfolding against the backdrop of a major disaster of the 20th century - the collapse of the Titanic.Young people have to contend not only with class differences and lack of understanding, but also a more dangerous enemy - death. word, "Titanic" is not just a film about love, to cry, but also the clear leader in this list.

«Three meters above the sky", 2010

The film is about love to cry - Top 10

story of first love, but still unhappy, can not touch the heart of a girl, especially when heartache feels so handsomeas Mario Casas.The story is simple and banal, but that's why everyone is so close.Babi and Ac

eh as if from parallel worlds, very different in character and outlook on life.But opposites always attract.The only pity is that to cope with difficulties is not always possible, even true love.

«The Notebook» 2004

The film is about love to cry - Top 10

film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.Noah and Allie acquainted on summer vacation and immediately fall in love, but then the summer comes to an end, and the first of their love prevent parents and then the First World War, which sent Noah. After 7 years of separation they again take on each other.

«PSI love you ", in 2007

The film is about love to cry - Top 10

If you're looking for a movie about love, to cry,« PSI love you "- just what you need.Protagonists Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) happy together, they are the perfect couple, about which you can say "they lived happily ever after and died in one day."But realized it was not fated.Jerry died much earlier from a brain tumor.But even after his death he is supporting his beloved. To help her cope with the grief and find the strength to go on living without him, the hero leaves her 7 messages, each of which ends with a postscript, "I love you."

Many criticize this movie for the plot largely departs from the story books Cecilia Ahern, on the grounds that it was removed.However, the film is very heartfelt, images revealed excellent.When watching you can not help going through along with the characters, and, of course, crying.

«Romeo and Juliet», 1968

The film is about love to cry

It is this adaptation of the immortal works of Shakespeare are still considered the best. plot of this film is certainly known to all, but we still recall: the very young Romeo (Leonard Whiting) and Juliet (Olivia Hussey) fell in love, despite the hostility of their families.Because of prejudice, stupidity and lack of understanding of native lovers die for the sake of love for each other.This is a real movie about love, to cry, because "there is no sadder story in the world than the story of Romeo and Juliet."

«Autumn in New York", 2000

The film is about love to cry

He - Ageless Lovelace, she - a young and beautiful, but terminally ill. They found each other in this big world. Will (Richard Gere) presented her with love (although the meeting did not even know what it is), and Charlotte (Winona Ryder) gave him a good time.Throughout the painting hoping for a miracle, for a happy ending, but, alas, death wins.Unconditionally: a film about love, to cry.

«Devdas", 2002

The film is about love to cry

How many Indian films with bad end, you know?Do you think that such a not?You are mistaken.Because "Devdas" is just one of them. great cast, dramatic story, as well as singing and dancing in the spirit of the genre will do the job: last scene of the film will make to cry, even the most ardent hater Bollywood creations.

plot is as follows: Devdas (Shah Rukh Khan) and Paro (Aishwarya Rai) had for each other affection since childhood, but the family does not accept Devdas son's choice.Devdas shows weakness and losing Paro.Heroes parted forever, but do not cease to love each other.Love and longing and lead to a tragic end.

«If I stay," 2014

The film is about love to cry

sentimental teenage melodrama about love and choice.Young Mia (Chloe Grace Moretz) - a gifted cellist, in love with a rock star Adam (Jamie Blackley).Her life goes unchallenged, until a terrible accident does not take away the lives of the people dear to her: mom, dad and little brother (this is already enough to burst into tears). Itself Mia is in the hospital between life and death. She sees what is happening from the outside and must make a choice: to go after the family or stay live for the sake of a loved one.

«Braveheart» 1995

The film is about love to cry

Some would say that the main theme of this film is not love, war and the struggle for freedom.However it causes the loss of the beloved hero to stand on the warpath. love for his deceased wife, he carries all his life, until his own death.And, dying, he sees her, too, he finally connected with it.

Events unfolding in the XIII century and is based on real events.Scotsman William Wallace (Mel Gibson) is not willing to fight, he dreams of a family and children.But everything changes when the English knife killed his girlfriend (Catherine Mc Cormack).See flour genuine grief and loss on the face inimitably played by Mel Gibson - has good reason to see this movie and cry.

«The Barber of Siberia", 1998

The film is about love to cry

love story of a young American woman (Julia Ormond) and the very young Russian cadets (Oleg Menshikov). Jealousy, betrayal and resentment to make a hero to do irreparable - to attack the general. For this act, he was sentenced to hard labor.Many years later, he sees only from afar his beloved, but his life is no longer the same as before, and he is not the same.In this film you can see, what can the Russian soul for love.Sure, it's a wonderful film about love, to cry.

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