Hand luggage: new regulations in 2014

What can you take with you on the plane: the rules for hand baggage

January 2014 brought with it a change in the rules on hand baggage in airplanes and, in particular, carriage of liquids in hand luggage.

With on board passengers are allowed to take:

  • garment, bags, umbrellas;

  • printed products;

  • liquids package (package 1 on carriers 1), the total amount of which should be no more than 1 liter, the maximum volume of one fluid container must not exceed 100 ml.

When passing control every passenger makes the laptop, telephone and other technical equipment, outdoor clothing and a plastic bag with liquids for screening through the scanner.

Free baggage carry-on baggage is from 5 to 10 kg (depending on the airline, for example, "Transaero" - 5 kg, at Lufthansa - 8 kg, and the "Aeroflot" - 10 kg);In the hand luggage does not include outerwear, laptops, cameras and camcorders.The size of one piece of hand baggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm. 1 economy class passenger can take one piece

of hand luggage, business class and first class are allowed to carry 2 pieces of hand baggage per person.

What not to take on board

application number 1 of "Rules of the preflight and post-flight inspections┬╗ prohibit carry in your hand luggage and in checked baggage, the following substances and objects, hazardous:

  • explosives;

  • weapons;

  • blasting supplies and articles armed with them;

  • compressed and liquefied gases;

  • toxic substances;

  • flammable liquids;

  • oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;

  • flammable solids;

  • poisonous and toxic substances;

  • radioactive materials;

  • corrosives.

See also: prohibited articles

On flights with an increased risk of the airport authority may impose additional security measures, such as a ban on the carriage in the manualluggage the following items:

  • scissors with a blade length of less than 60 mm;

  • hypodermic needles (unless medical justification);

  • knitting needles;

  • corkscrews;

  • folding (without fixate) travel, penknives with blade length less than 60 mm.

can not be carried in hand luggage many foods, such as meat, cheese, dairy products, or loved by many exotic fruit durian (though it and can not carry luggage).

Hand luggage - the new rules in 2014

rules for taking liquids in hand luggage

change the rules for taking liquids in hand luggage.Now any liquids and personal hygiene is recommended to take in luggage. If you need to take with you on the plane pharmaceuticals and personal care products that you will need during the flight, they should check and identify aviation security service of the airport.

Any fluid beig the aircraft in hand luggage, should be kept in containers of 100 ml (exceptions are needed during the flight medicines and baby food).All liquids packaged in containers greater than 100 ml, shall be in your luggage.

All liquid containers must be packed in absolutely transparent plastic bag with a zip, total transport of liquids in hand luggage - no more than 1 liter.

The aircraft is permitted to take liquids purchased in stores Duty Free, packed in transparent plastic bags.Packages must be closed, open them during flight is strictly prohibited.Passengers must retain receipts from Duty Free shops before the end of the flight.

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