Rest in Abkhazia: clean sea and low prices


Get to Abkhazia several ways.

1. By train to Sukhumi, then by bus or taxi to your destination. Cons - long the train is on the border, the pros - you do not have to walk through customs.

2. By train (plane) to Adler, then by bus or taxi to the border, pass the border on foot and then by bus to their final destination.

Cons - a large number of transplants foot passage of the border;pros - to Adler goes many more trains than to the Sukhumi.Alternatively, from Adler to Sukhumi it can be reached by train, when this type of transport suits you on schedule.

We went from Nizhny Novgorod, and chose the second option, to get faster.The cost of a plane ticket to the season - it's a different story, we also went on a direct train to Adler.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

"& gt; Trains and commuter trains - its charms: the windows are often stunning views

Passage border

from Adler station toborder can be reached on a regular bus, minibus or taxi. minibus arrived almost immediately, howeve

r, I had to wait until it is full. Go to the border 15 minutes.

While we were standing in line at customs, to us a few timesWe approached the taxi drivers with offers to carry us across the border for "some half an hour," and cautions that here we will spend at least three hours. Their fears were in vain, and after 40 minutes we were on the other side of the fence.

Then again, the bus has to destination, the village of Pitsunda, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Abkhazia, along with Gagra and New Athos.The road there took about an hour.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

View Pitsundu air

Where to live

room in a private house at 5 minutes from the sea, we found friends who came toPitsundu week earlier.Payment - 400 rubles per person per day, children free, we have a total of 8,000 for 10 days of stay.

We had a middle option - a separate summer house in the yard, recently built specifically for delivery.Inside 2 beds, a table and 2 bedside tables, bed linen.There, in the yard, located a summer kitchen and bathroom with shower.Water problems did not arise once.

Pitsunda there are holiday homes are located directly on the beach - the outside looks quite cozy from the minuses can be called unless a large number of people on the beach near the resort.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

Where to eat

Apart from self-prepared, we examined and catering establishments.On the main street you can find a wealth of dining rooms and a café with enough affordable prices (about 500 rubles for a dinner for two adults and a child)

try and local cuisine, especially remembered hominy, which, together with adzhika supplied to kebab, and very tastykhachapuri pumps with eggs, which are sold directly on the beach.In the evening you can sit in a cafe on the beach, eat seafood and drink local wine.The latter, incidentally, is very worthy.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices


about the sea I want to say separately.All friends have told us before this trip - the truth.It is, indeed, very clean, almost transparent, and at the beach, you can easily find a completely empty space.Along the coast grow pines, the aroma of which we are not tired to rejoice.Beach - pebbles mixed with sand.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

Sea in Abkhazia - blue, blue


of the excursions we chose the most popular, and no mistake.First of all, this lake Riza and New Athos (monastery plus a cave), both very interesting.Caves make a lasting impression - they are so huge, that have to travel deep into the underground train.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

Lake Riza - a place that is chosen for his residence, Joseph Stalin

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

famous Athos Monastery

above lake Ritsa can be reached with a one-daycampaign and see where the real alpine meadows, which we did.and even ride on horseback through the mountains - an amazing feeling when you go along the cliff, and you realize that your life depends entirely on the mood of the strong and intelligent animal.

Rest in Abkhazia - a clean sea and low prices

Avian waterfall, situated slightly above the Lake Riza

proved very interesting and a trip to Sukhumi - half destroyed and overgrown with greenery, but very beautiful and picturesque town.

What should know the tourist

1. If the child goes without parents (eg grandmother), on the border with the attendant will ask notarized permission to travel.

2. On the border actively offer to buy health insurance, but you should know that in fact it is of little use.Be prepared for the fact that for health care would have to pay in cash (we do that, fortunately, did not have to).

3. Scorpions are dangerous and false strawberry - poisonous.

holiday in a beautiful place by the sea, interesting excursions, national cuisine - vacation can be an inexpensive , if you spend a holiday in Abkhazia.

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